Half-Dead Heroes 4 Campaign

Scenario 5 - The Unholy Breath

Map Difficulty: Expert.
Map Size: Small, with underground.
Victory Condition: Defeat Kalibarr and take Nekorrum.
Loss Condition: Lose Gauldoth Half-Dead and Defeat the map before Month 4.

A worm knows one thing with complete faith. Eat to live. Whether it's moldy dirt or rotten flesh, that worm digs and eats, eats and digs to fulfill its one truth. Eat to live.

But I hold one now in my Undead fingers. It squirms, fighting to free itself. What is it thinking? When I pop it in my mouth and chew its pink flesh, does it realize that you should NEVER place all your faith in one ideal?

Gauldoth is forced to betray his beloved master, Kalibarr, when he learns that the lich actually serves a malicious god of death determined to destroy every living being on this new world. In three months time, the Stars will be in alignment and Kalibarr will be able to forge the Unholy Breath, an artifact with the power to destroy all living flesh. For the sake of the entire world, and for his own survival, Gauldoth must stop him.