Chaos/Asylum Magic Heroes - Sorcerers

Sorcerers start with Basic Chaos Magic and Basic Conjuration.

Sorcerer hero cost in Asylum is 1500 Gold.
Sorcerer hero cost in Tavern, Necropolis and Preserve is 2000 Gold.
Sorcerers cannot be hired in Academy, Stronghold and Haven.

Male Sorcerers

Male Sorcerer

Ajwar Ajwar - Orc
Biography: Long, tiring marches and bloody battles were not to Ajwar's liking, so he studied magic instead. Now, he can obliterate an opponent from a great distance. For him, this is a much more sensible means of combat, especially if he can do it when they're not looking.
History: New
Charzir Charzir - Efreet
Biography: Charzir is a young efreet filled with such a passion for chaos that even among his own kind he's considered impetuous and wild. He loves games of chance, sometimes wagering even his own life on the roll of the dice. To Charzir, it's not the winning but the uncertainty that is exciting.
History: New
Darkstorm Darkstorm - Minotaur
Biography: Darkstorm has proven time and again that any who challenge him meet a quick end. He continues to be a dangerous and powerful presence in this new world where his reputation precedes him like the dark clouds before a thunderstorm.
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Minotaur Warlock
Iboz Iboz - Efreet
Biography: Iboz is often called the "Warrior's Sorcerer" because he gets along well with the common grunt. Besides, someone with his power is always good to have around. Often, mercenaries follow him from war to war because Iboz always joins the side with the best chance of victory.
History: New
Jeddite Jeddite - Human
Biography: Some sorcerers may enjoy causing destruction, but Jeddite worships it. He is a dark fanatic wholly committed to the ultimate dissolution of the universe. No one knows why he adopted such insane beliefs, but neither can anyone convince him to turn to another path.
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Human Warlock
Kaspar Kaspar - Human
Biography: Kaspar spent several years in an Erathian prison for impersonating a noble and accumulating more than 100,000 gold in debt. While in the dungeons, however, he learned magic from an old, nameless sorcerer. When an earthquake shattered the wall to his cell, Kaspar escaped through the nearest portal to the new world.
History: New
Maddox Maddox - Minotaur
Biography: There is something to be said about the diligence of the minotaurs. Maddox was a smith, destined to forge axes for the rest of his life. Instead of accepting his fate, he studied magic at night until he was good enough to leave the forge and embark on a life of conquest.
History: New
Mastero Mastero - Human
Biography: Mastero always follows the path of least resistance, which is why he usually keeps a few servants around. If he can get someone else to do the job, he will. Even in battle, he has been known to let others soften up the enemy before he finishes them off and takes all the credit.
History: New
Norzok Norzok - Orc
Biography: Norzok fell in love with the sea the first time he set eyes on it, and when he saw his first hurricane he dreamed of some day controlling one. This dream led him to kidnap a sorcerer and hold him captive for several years, forcing the poor man to teach him magic. But even now, Norzok isn't satisfied.
History: New
Ritzil Ritzil - Orc
Biography: After running away from his tribe when he was young, Ritzil was found and raised by a sadistic ogre mage. Ritzil was always mischievous, but his time with the ogre gave him an imagination cruel and creative enough to blend mayhem and magic into a new and very deadly art form.
History: New
Scorage Scorage - Human
Biography: Scorage's actions are ruled by his instincts, no matter the situation. If he is hungry and has no money, he steals some food. If he dislikes someone or some thing, he attacks it. This behavior might make many enemies, but Scorage rarely lets them live for long.
History: New
Uvodd Uvodd - Minotaur
Biography: In his youth, Uvodd rode the high seas aboard a pirate vessel, protecting it with his destructive magical powers. A tidal wave sunk his ship and nearly drowned him as well, but he beat the storm in the same way he defeats all his enemies - persistence.
History: New
Xyron Xyron - Efreet
Biography: Xyron felt the Kreegan demons failed all too often, so he convinced his fellow efreeti to end their alliance with them. Now, his people are freer than they have ever been. Free to burn what they want, when they want, and nothing will stop them from scorching the entire world black!
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Efreet Heretic

Female Sorceress

Female Sorceress

Aathea Aathea - Efreet
Biography: Whether it's a war with genies, or humans, or even her own kind, the opponent doesn't matter to Aathea. Everyone and everything is fair game in her book. Likewise, Aathea is not above using whatever means it takes to win, because the winner is the one who gets to live.
History: New
Atella Atella - Minotaur
Biography: Atella is a teacher as well as a mage, although it has been a while since she took an apprentice. She's highly respected among minotaur society, and feared because she somehow knows everyone's darkest secrets and isn't afraid to expose them.
History: New
Helice Helice - Minotaur
Biography: Helice is capable of devoting hours to study and contemplation, but when she is done she usually bursts into a violent rage that has been known to last for the better part of a day. Her unpredictable behavior makes those around her edgy, but no one is going to tell her to go away either.
History: New
Isa Isa - Orc
Biography: Isa believes she wasted too many years serving a cruel human master who only ended up getting himself killed in battle, leaving her nothing. Now, she seldom rests because she's trying to make up for lost time, and she relies on no one but herself.
History: New
Mayweda Mayweda - Human
Biography: How can such a pretty young girl become such a dangerous woman? Mayweda may be beautiful, the type who might need to be rescued by a knight, but she's more likely to drop a poisonous snake down the armor of any brave hero who comes to her aid.
History: New
Mered Mered - Orc
Biography: Mered comes from a long line of orc women who were tribal sorcerers, so it was easy for her to slip into this profession. She would've continued as a primitive spellcaster if the Reckoning hadn't killed most of her tribe. Now, she wants more than to follow the path of her foremothers. She wants wealth and power.
History: New
Nefafareen Nefafareen - Efreet
Biography: Ancient even for an efreet, Nefafareen is credited as the first of her kind to abandon her innate powers to wield magic. All efreeti sorcerers have either been taught by Nefafareen or by one of her students. Until recently, she has lived exclusively on the Plane of Fire, traveling to this realm now for an unspoken reason.
History: New
Pythia Pythia - Efreet
Biography: Pythia served a powerful sorcerer for decades to learn the secrets of his power. When there was nothing more to learn, she abandoned the old man to his enemies and set out to create an empire of her own. So far, however, she has only managed to make a name for herself as a deadly robber.
History: New
Raona Raona - Human
Biography: Raona was raised in an Erathian orphanage run by monks who put all the children on a strict regimen of chores, study, prayer, and more chores. Not one moment of fun. To this day she still fights tooth and nail against any hint of order or common sense, and just wants to shake things up!
History: New
Sephinroth Sephinroth - Human
Biography: Sephinroth was amused when the Reckoning destroyed Erathia and ended the Gryphonheart line. She even admits that her claim to be a Gryphonheart began as an extortion attempt that backfired when the King refused to pay. Now, this scandalous woman is on to bigger and better things!
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Human Warlock
Yorpix Yorpix - Orc
Biography: Yorpix became a sorcerer because no orc male would have such an independent female as a mate. Besides, she didnít want one of those weaklings anyway. Few people can put up with Yorpix's abuse, and now that she has magic at her command many fear her unpredictable temper.
History: New
Yoru Yoru - Minotaur
Biography: Yoru showed a talent for magic at an early age, so her family sent her away to study under a human sorcerer. As she traveled the world with her teacher, she studied its various races with great interest, but there is one race she wishes she knew more about - minotaurs.
History: New

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