Chaos/Asylum Might Heroes - Thieves

Thieves start with Basic Scouting and Basic Stealth.

Thief hero cost in Asylum is 1500 Gold.
Thief hero cost in Tavern, Necropolis and Preserve is 2000 Gold.
Thief hero cost in Stronghold is 2500 Gold.
Thieves cannot be hired in Academy and Haven.

Male Thieves

Male Thief

Ajit Ajit - Human
Biography: Ajit is at home in the dank tunnels and caves of the world, but has come to realize that the real wealth is to be had in the open air. People may mine gold from deep underground, but they store it all in vaults above ground where Ajit can steal it all at once.
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Human Overlord
Calistar Calistar - Minotaur
Biography: Calistar is somewhat of a hero among minotaurs. His bold raids have brought back more wealth than three other minotaurs combined, and he has defeated countless challengers in feats of strength. Even worse, Calistar is beginning to believe all the remarkable things people say about him.
History: New
Dace Dace - Minotaur
Biography: Dace is a veteran leader of the minotaurs who has seen more fights than he can remember. He claims to have been trained by the minotaur god of war, and so has dedicated his life to endless conflict. What he fails to mention is that many of the people he has killed never knew he was coming.
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Minotaur Overlord
Flaym Flaym - Efreet
Biography: Flaym is an unpredictable leader capable of using just about anything to get the edge over his enemy. Unfortunately, the word has spread that he will sacrifice his own troops if need be. The only reason they continue fighting for him is they fear Flaym more than death.
History: New
Gruezak Gruezak - Orc
Biography: Gruezak started as a cook in Kilgor's army but deserted shortly before the final battle that brought about the Reckoning. Many of the orc tribes were wiped out during that war, including his own. Now, Gruezak, like so many orcs, has resorted to banditry and other crimes simply to survive.
History: New
Gundross Gundross - Minotaur
Biography: Unlike most of his race, Gundross is a master of adapting to new situations. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, he reacts with complete confidence in his ability to come up with a plan in an instant. This creative way of dealing with things has been his secret to success.
History: New
Hafir Hafir - Efreet
Biography: Hafir developed an intense hatred for genies after centuries of battling his blue cousins, but he's also developed a reputation for knowing them better than any other efreet. When his actions aren't clouded by his hatred, Hafir is an excellent commander and a formidable opponent.
History: New
Kardd Kardd - Human
Biography: Kardd was a trader for most of his life, selling his wares all over Erathia (marked up 300 percent, of course). After the Reckoning, he lost many of his contacts and all of his trade routes. His business was over. So, now he spends his time robbing the men who used to be his competitors.
History: New
Madmarik Madmarik - Orc
Biography: Not only is Madmarik capable of notorious fits of fury, but he's probably the largest living orc today. Perhaps it's his size, but he isn't afraid of anything and boasts that there isn't a man or creature capable of beating him in a one-on-one fight. As of yet, no one has proved him wrong.
History: New
Nazibar Nazibar - Efreet
Biography: Nazibar will do anything for the right price, and his price is usually high. He even claims that he is using his ill-gotten wealth to employ his own personal army of mercenaries. Supposedly, this army waits at some undisclosed location to attack at his slightest command.
History: New
Rufus Rufus - Human
Biography: Rufus started his career as a brawler, living off the power of his fists and the money he won betting on himself. When that wasn't enough, he started ambushing drunks outside taverns or roughing up merchants on the open road. Rufus doesn't care much for laws, and takes great pride in breaking them.
History: New
Runagark Runagark - Orc
Biography: Runagark is motivated entirely by his stomach. If he were a wealthy orc, he would be too fat to walk. As it is, he is forced to steal whatever gold he needs to buy his meals because he's not about to waste his time with a real job.
History: New

Female Thieves

Female Thief

Aidan Aidan - Efreet
Biography: Aidan is smaller and weaker than most efreet, which is why she prefers to live among softer races such as humans. Since her profession requires her to be inconspicuous, Aidan has learned to perform her crimes only when another one of her race has made an appearance to throw off the trail.
History: New
Andria Andria - Minotaur
Biography: Andria earned some success as a minotaur gladiator due to her wiry strength and great cunning, but she knew she would soon perish to one of the larger, bulkier males. So, she left the arenas to explore the world, hunt for treasure, and occasionally rob an unwary traveler.
History: New
Erica Fade Erica Fade - Human
Biography: Erica's life was ruined by war when her entire family was slaughtered. She only escaped by hiding in a nearby forest. That day, she realized that life is meaningless, so she might as well take care of 'number one'. That's when she became Erica Fade.
History: New
Flaren Flaren - Human
Biography: Flaren abandoned her orc tribe because ideals like honor and glory meant nothing to her. Instead, she preferred the quick kill and some gold in her pocket. Instant gratification is important to this impatient and mean-spirited female.
History: New
Gretchin Gretchin - Goblin
Biography: Gretchin believed in Kilgor's plan for world domination and trusted in his leadership. Her loyalty got her entire tribe killed. Now, furious and troubled with guilt, Gretchin has become a loner who lashes out at everyone around her. Without the laws of her tribe to guide her, she's free to do as she wishes.
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Goblin Barbarian
Hoogula Hoogula - Orc
Biography: Hoogula didn't even know she was a female until her adolescence. Her father wanted a boy so badly that her mother lied and did everything in her power to cover up that lie. Today, Hoogula still doesn't act like a female, and becomes extremely violent at the slightest hint she might be inferior.
History: New
Jael Jael - Minotaur
Biography: Jael's name is actually a type of high mountain goat. It was given to her as an insult because she prefers to live alone in the mountains rather than the minotaur communities. Now, she accepts the name proudly because this mountain goat has robbed more minotaur merchants than anyone.
History: New
Kineta Kineta - Human
Biography: Kineta has trouble retaining her interest in any one job for long, so she has dipped her fingers into just about everything from merchant, to thief, to spy. It doesn't matter what she's doing as long as it is fun, and her idea of fun usually involves some form of wanton destruction.
History: New
Lorelei Lorelei - Human
Biography: Shortly after the Reckoning, Lorelei began a crime wave that earned her the nickname "Nightblade." She robbed more communities than anyone can imagine, stashing her plunder in secret caches. She was a one-woman scourge. Whenever the pressure is on, Lorelei simply disappears to some secret hideout for a few months.
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Human Overlord
Octavia Octavia - Efreet
Biography: Octavia is an accomplished thief with the legendary ability to slip unseen into any location. Whether that is true or not, Octavia has been quite successful in the past. She would be a wealthy efreet today if not for her ridiculous spending habits.
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Efreet Demoniac
Sizz Sizz - Efreet
Biography: Sizz specializes in obtaining things that are not hers, performing these crimes as much for the fun of it as the notoriety. It is rumored that somewhere inside a live volcano, Sizz keeps a vault filled with a massive treasure, but this is unlikely since she is always complaining about being poor.
History: New
Tacitia Tacitia - Minotaur
Biography: Tacita never feels the need to brag about the elaborate crimes she has committed, which is why she hasn't been caught. Being a minotaur makes her an unlikely suspect for crimes that require finesse, yet Tacita earns a good living performing just those sorts of robberies.
History: New
Valynne Valynne - Human
Biography: A true thief at heart, Valynne causes trouble wherever she goes. Although she has spent many nights in a dungeon, she has avoided the noose so far. Valynne lives in the present, never looking to the future because she expects to die at any moment.
History: New

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