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The demo version of Heroes of Might and Magic V was released on April 13, 2006, a little over a month before the release date of the full game. It followed the success of the Open Beta in February and March. The Heroes of Might and Magic 5 Demo contains:

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Map Descriptions

The Queen - A king falls, a queen rises (Haven Campaign)

Mission Five - The Fall of the King
As a result of an artful intrigue played by Agrael and his succubus helper, Biara, Isabel is taken prisoner. Soon she will be taken to Sheogh, the centuries-old prison of the Demon Sovereign.

Starting Bonuses
A: 4 Imperial Griffins
B: Four Leaf Clover
C: 1500 Gold

Map Outline
The player starts as Godric,with a sizeable army, and captures the Haven town, Dunmoor, in the north. His task is to free Isabel from the nearby prison. Together, they must defend Dunmoor from constant Inferno besiegment, and find the Tear of Asha. This can be achieved through uncovered the 3 obelisks scattered around the map.

Haven Campaign Walkthrough

The Cultist - A demon must decide (Inferno Campaign)

Mission One - The Betrayal
Agrael, who has failed the task given to him by the Demon Sovereign, is being hunted by the Griffin army under Godric. Death follows him closely, and his future is uncertain at best. The Demon Lord will have to find a way out of his situation.

Starting Bonuses
A: Necklace of the Lion
B: 8 Cerberi
C: 3 Hell Chargers

Map Outline
Agrael is the hero in question, as he attempts to flee from Godric in a foreign (Haven) landscape. The map requires no town development, though your hero must navigate his way through large numbers of neutral creatures to attain artifacts and other skills needed for the final encounter. The map is quite straightforward, though it employs the use of the underground and teleporters as a means of transport.

Inferno Campaign Walkthrough

843 YSD: Falcon's Last Flight (Single Scenario)

Players: 2 (FFA)
Size: Normal
Goal: Scenario
Underground: Yes
Victory is near! It is the year 843, and strengthened by an eclipse, the Demonlords have invaded Ashan in great numbers. The Imperial capital of Falcon's Reach is surrounded and the hated Falcon dynasty is nearly extinct. The Demon Sovereign has all his attention focused on this campaign as he hopes to see the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy -- that the world of Men shall exist so long as there is a Falcon heir. There is one small fly in the ointment, however, another legend states that the scions of Falcon shall never be defeated as long as they hold Falcon's Reach. With that in mind, the Sovereign has sent his loyal general, Jezebeth to see to the end of the Falcons.

Map Outline
You play the side of evil in this smallish single-player map, which is typical of Heroes of Might and Magic 5 maps. It is a hero vs. town situation, though the AI is focused on defending its town (as is suggested in the storyline). Exploration plays a large part in the map, and there are a number of neutral battles to look out for, too.

Single Scenario Walkthrough

Known Bugs

As the Heroes 5 Demo is only a preview version, there are some bugs and unfinished items still lurking in the game. Below are the ones you can find the Readme file. Feel free to post any bugs that you might have found in this thread.

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If, after playing the Heroes of Might and Magic V Demo, you like what you see, you can buy Heroes of Might and Magic 5 here (feature coming soon).

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