Original game Maps, repackaged as .h5m files

All the original maps in the game are deeply buried into the game resources, while you might want to be able to access them with the map editor, for example to change the team settings before playing. Many Multiplayer maps for example are set in FFA (Free For All: every man for himself), while they would be perfect for team play as well. Warlords or Mystic's Vale are only two examples of such maps.

To answer this concern, Neckie has repackaged all the maps in .h5m files, that you can open in the map editor, and we are glad to offer them here with Ubisoft approval. They were first published on elrath.com.

All the maps include the english texts.

Note that the campaign scenarios are playable as single independant missions, not (yet) campaigns. The idea at the moment is to allow you to use them for editing purposes, more than play them. However, the single player scenarios now include the dialog scenes, to be played under ToE. You can still download the "no dialog scenes" maps instead, in the smaller package.


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