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In keeping with a new publisher and developer for this, the latest incarnation of the Heroes series, a completely new storyline has been developed, and with it, a new history.

Haven: A Chronological History (From the Official Site)

The Origins

3 YSD: Birth of the Falcon Empire
Falcon the Great unifies the human kingdoms (founding the empire that will one day become the Haven faction). A prophecy tells that the Falcon line shall endure as long as the world does.

28-40 YSD: Wars of Fire First great demon incursion
Most of the Angels perish during these wars. The survivors take refuge in the Falcon Empire, which is increasingly turned away from the Dragon of Air - Sylath, and toward the Dragon of Light.

48 YSD: The Falcon Empire becomes the "Holy" Falcon Empire
Founding of the Free Cities of the East Emperor Brian Falcon gives absolute power to the Church of the Dragon of Light. The Human kingdom is renamed "Holy Falcon Empire". Dissent grows among many citizens who resent being forced to abandon their faith in Sylath. Many will leave the Empire's territory to found the Free Cities of the East.

The Modern Ages

843 YSD: 4th Eclipse - Falcon's Last Flight
The Demons storm the capital of the Falcon Empire and massacre the royal house. As soon as the Demons are repelled, fighting breaks out as the various noble houses attempt to claim the throne. Duke Ivan of Griffin conquers the bloody crown. The Empire is renamed "Holy Griffin Empire".

951 YSD: 5th Eclipse - War of the Gray Alliance
Demon armies are confronted by a combined force of Haven Knights allied with two other factions. Emperor Alexei Griffin pursues the Demons into the very underworld, and is killed. His soul is rescued by a mysterious and legendary knight known as Tieru, and bound up in an artifact called the Heart of the Griffin. Alexei's son Nicolai, aged 6, ascends the Imperial throne.

969 YSD: 6th Eclipse - Queen Isabel's War
An eclipse not forecast on any calendar grips the Empire in a panic. The Demons emerge in force and march towards Haven's capital. This war will be known as Queen Isabel's War and is the topic of Heroes V's campaign.

The Characters

Queen Isabel
The central character of Heroes of Might and Magic V, the one person who can lead the forces of the Holy Griffin Empire to victory against the demons of Sheogh. Despite being aligned with a 'good' faction, she disobeyed all the laws of the known universe. She was born to parents of noble blood, and an only child of these old parents. She spent much of her youth being fostered by carers other than her parents.
In her coming of age, she is engaged to Nicolai, 22, who is destined to die in the campaign. It is after his death that is the focus for 'Queen Isabel's War' and the Heroes V Campaign.

No apparent relation to Roland's son, Nicolai Ironfist, he is betrothed to Isabel before his fate is sealed by his death at age 22.

Queen Isabel Sketch Isabel facing off with Abaddon

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