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In keeping with a new publisher and developer for this, the latest incarnation of the Heroes series, a completely new storyline has been developed, and with it, a new history.

Dungeon: A Chronological History (From the Official Site)

The Origins

528 YSD: Tuidhana’s Secession
Tuidhana, legendary founder of the Dark Elves, declares independence from the Elven Kingdom.

540 YSD: War of the Bitter Ashes – Birth of the Dark Elves
The Elves of Irollan and the Human Knights of the Holy Falcon Empire are at war, with Tuidhana's kingdom as the main battlefield. Her territory under attack from both sides, Tuidhana makes a pact with the Faceless for the power to protect her people. Those who follow her are changed by the blessing of Malassa, Dragon of Darkness. From this day on, they will be known as the Dark Elves. With the support of their new allies, they will expel both the Elves and the Humans from their land.

548 YSD: The Peace of New Spring
The Holy Falcon Empire forfeits any claim to elven lands and makes extensive reparations. The Dark Elf kingdom's independence is recognized – at sword point – by Elves and Humans, but intermittent hostilities persist across the borders.

566 YSD: Day of the Tears of Fire – Death of Tuidhana
A massive fire burns down the Elven capital. The High King dies in the flames with most of his court. Brythigga, the Mother of Trees, sacred to the Elves, is also consumed by the fire. The loss is devastating.

The Dark Elves are blamed and offered exile or death. Most choose exile; the rest are hunted down and destroyed without mercy. Tuidhana remains with her lands and is killed.

585 YSD: Discovery of Demon Implication in the Day of the Tears of Fire
The Dragon Knights bring evidence to the Elves that Brythigga’s criminal fire was set by a Demon spy.

Emissaries are sent from the forest to the wandering Dark Elves, offering amnesty and inviting them to return home. The offer is refused.

The Characters

The founder of the society of Dark Elves, who initiated the independence of her race from the Sylvan Elves. She later makes a pact with the 'faceless' or 'featureless' to protect her people. Her followers, the first Dark Elves, were blessed by Malassa, the Dragon of Darkness. Tuidhana dies in 566 YSD.

The Mother of Trees and opponent of Tuidhana. Her death sparks controversy among Elves and Dark Elves which eventually leads to their split.

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