Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (III): Armageddon's Balde poster

Armageddon's Blade expansion contains six stand-alone campaigns, each telling a different story. This is a bit more fun than 'one big typical save the world campaign', and you will still get your heroes to carry over skills/monsters/etc from one scenario to another. Campaigns are also harder than in original HOMM3.

Armageddon's Blade campaign

After the mysterious slaying of demon King Xenofex, Lucifer Kreegan solidified his rule over the clans in Eeofol. Following a visonary dream, Kreegan is rumored to have begun gathering relics to build and artifact, the legendary Armageddon's Blade, which has the power to set the world on fire. Queen Catherine of Erathia orders her war-weary troops to invade Eeofol in order to dethrone the descructive demon monarch. But Erathia's people are split over Catherine's action. Lucifer's hell-spawned army has pushed Erathia's soldiers back to Eeofol-Erathia border, and there have been reports of the emergence of mysterious elemental Confluxes the size of cities. Though these Confluxes don't appear to be hostile, their intent is still unknown. As Catherine, Roland and Gelu, you must fight the destructive Lucifer Kreegan and his demon army before he has a chance to assemble the Armageddon's Blade and engulf the world in flames.

Queen Catherine Ironfist Queen Catherine Ironfist - Female Human Knight.
Att: 2, Def: 2, Sp: 1, Kn: 1. Basic Leardership and Basic Offense. No Starting Spell.
Specialty: Swordsmen/Crusaders after level 4.
Biography: As the reigning queen of Erathia, Catherine Ironfist continues to wage war to secure her homeland's borders and restabilished the peace built by her father. However, the support for her position is faltering as the contry grows weary of war.

King Roland IronfistKing Roland Ironfist - Male Human Knight.
Att: 2, Def: 2, Sp: 1, Kn: 1. Basic Leadership and Basic Armorer. No Starting Spell.
Specialty: Swordsmen/Crusaders after level 4.
Biography: Recently freed from the Kreegans, Roland Ironfist respectfully serves as a general in Erathia's military under his wife Catherine. Someday soon these conflicts will end, and he and Catherine will return to Enroth. However, both must decide what will happen to the Eratian throne.

General KendalGeneral Kendal - Male Human Knight.
Att: 2, Def: 2, Sp: 1, Kn: 1. Basic Leadership and Basic Estates. No Starting Spell.
Specialty: All creatures recieve +2 speed.
Biography: Following King Gryphonheart's murder, General Morgan Kendal temporarily assumed the throne until a new successor could be found. History shall remember him as the only ruler of Erathia who allowed the capitol city of Steadwick to be captured.

GeluGelu - Male Half Human/Vori Elf Ranger.
Att: 1, Def: 3, Sp: 1, Kn: 1. Basic Archery and Basic Leadership. No Starting Spell.
Specialty: Upgrades Archers, Marksmen, Wood Elves and Grand Elves to Sharpshooters for a fee.
Biography: Little is known about Gelu. Gelu was found and raised by General Morgan Kendal when he was serving under Catherine Ironfist. Gelu now commands Erathia's guerilla forces known as the Forest Guard. He is believed to be half human, half Vori elf.

XeronXeron - Male Efreeti Demoniac.
Att: 2, Def: 2, Sp: 1, Kn: 1. Basic Leadership and Basic Tactics. No Starting Spell.
Specialty: Devils and Arch Devils recieve +4 attack, +2 defense and +1 speed.
Biography: When Xenofex was slain and Lucifer Kreegan seized the seat of power, Xeron was the first to declare fealty to his usurper. Highly decorated and respected, when Xeron chose to support this new king, other heroes quickly followed suit.

Dragon's Blood campaign

In the nation of Nighon, a young ambitious female overlord named Mutare seeks to defeat an aging, ineffective neighbor, Ordwald, who has squandered his land and done nothing to deserve his valuable territory. Lead Mutare and her armies as she attempts to gain rule over a larger portion of Nighon. In her campaign to expand her territory, Mutare learns of a fabled magical vial of Dragon's blood that, when ingested, will transform a human into a powerful sentient dragon.

MutareMutare - Female Human Overlord.
Att: 2, Def: 2, Sp: 1, Kn: 1. Basic Estates and Basic Tactics. Magic Arrow.
Specialty: All Dragons recieve +5 attack and +5 defence.
Biography: With her uncanny talent for commanding dragons on the field of combat, many have noticed Mutare's quick rise among the current overlords of Nighon.

Mutare DrakeMutare Drake - Female Human Transformed to Dragon Overlord.
Att: 2, Def: 2, Sp: 1, Kn: 1. Basic Estates and Basic Tactics. Magic Arrow.
Specialty: All Dragons recieve +5 attack and +5 defence.
Biography: Drinking the Vial of Dragon's Blood, Mutare became a sentient dragon. Some wonder if her transformation foretells the coming of the Dragon Father.

OrdwaldOrdwald - Male Human Overlord.


Dragon Slayer campaign - Walkthrough

The wizard Dracon sets out to specialize in tlee field of Dragon Slaying. He will gain training and cut his teeth as a slayer by destroying a Crystal Dragon. In an effort to make a name for himself, Dracon hopes to find and slay the greatest dragon to ever live, the Azure Dragon.

DraconDracon - Male Human Wizard.
Att: 0, Def: 0, Sp: 2, Kn: 3. Advanced Wisdom. Haste.
Specialty: Upgrades Monks, Zealots, Magi and Arch Magi to Enchanters for a fee.
Biography: Considered by many to be a magical genius, Dracon seeks to become history's greatest Dragon Slayer. Unlike his fellow wizards, Dracon echews decorative attire for more particular battle gear.

Festival of Life campaign

Every thirty years the youth of Krewlod are given the opportunity to replace their clan leaders and vie for the throne. In preparation, a section of Krewlod is let alone for thirty years, creating a place of wild and numerous beasts. As Kilgor the Barbarian, you must defeat the beasts, the Ancient Behemoth Razor Claw, and the other lords in order to have a chance to usurp the king's throne.

KilgorKilgor - Male Human Barbarian.
Att: 4, Def: 0, Sp: 1, Kn: 1. Advanced Offence. No Starting Spell.
Specialty: Benemoths and Ancient Benemoths recieve +5 attack, +5 defense and +10 damage.
Biography: Since defeating his father for rulership of his clan, Kilgor has earned much fame throughout Krewlod. Many consider him the only man capable of winning the generational Festival of Life.

BoragusBoragus - Male Ogre Barbarian.
Att: 4, Def: 0, Sp: 1, Kn: 1. Basic Tactics and Basic Offence. No Starting Spell.
Specialty: Ogres or Ogre Magi after level 4.
Biography: Winston's Boragus' special kinship with the Ogres he commands in battle has taken him far in his quest for power.

Playing with Fire campaign

Adrienne, an outcast Fire Witch in the land of Tatalia, travels to her homeland to discover a strangely familiar Death Knight is turning the local population into a harvesting ground for the Undead. Restore order to the land and hunt down this evil Death Knight. Absolute extermination of the undead plague is your ultimate goal.

AdrienneAdrienne - Female Human Witch.
Att: 0, Def: 1, Sp: 2, Kn: 2. Basic Wisdom and Expert Fire Magic. Inferno.
Specialty: Adrienne starts with Expert Fire Magic.
Biography: With a burniong desire to gain power and to protect her homeland, Adrienne risked being a social outcast and hated by her own people to follow her passion.

Lord HaartLord Haart - Male Human Transformed to Lich Death Knight.
Att: 1, Def: 2, Sp: 2, Kn: 1. Advanced Necromancy. Slow.
Specialty: Black Knights and Death Knights recieve +5 attack, +5 defense and +10 damage.
Biography: Resurrected by his cult of necromantic followers, Lord Haart has emerged a more powerful foe than before.

Foolhardy Waywardness

In a story pre-dating the Restoration Wars, a hurricane during a sightseeing tour leaves a young Sir Christian marooned on the Regnan Isles. In order to gain passage back to Enroth, you must help the island natives in exchange for a ticket home. Navigating the politics of the locals may proove more treacherous than steering through the rocky isles themselves.

Sir ChristianSir Christian - Male Human Knight.
Att: 2, Def: 2, Sp: 1, Kn: 1. Basic Leadersip and Basic Artillery. No Starting Spell + Ballista.
Specialty: Ballista after level 4.