Planeswalkers come in pairs, male and female with the same speciality.
Male is always upgraded while female is not.

LacusLacusFemale Water ElementalPlaneswalkerA:3 D:1 S:1 K:1No Starting Spell
Water/Ice Elementals gain +2 attackAdvanced Tactics
Fierce competition of all Water Elementals took place to determine who would have the honor to serve the Conflux. Lacus earned her position through her advanced knowledge of Tactics.

KaltKaltMale Ice ElementalPlaneswalkerA:3 D:1 S:1 K:1No Starting Spell
Water/Ice Elementals gain +2 attackBasic Tactics and Basic Learning
Always the quick study, Kalt felt called to the Conflux where he could feed his voracious appetite for learning new and different things.

IgnissaIgnissaFemale Fire ElementalPlaneswalkerA:3 D:1 S:1 K:1No Starting Spell
Fire/Energy Elementals gain +1 att, +2 def, +2 dmgBasic Artillery and Basic Offence
Four years age a powerful Wizard summoned Ignissa to this plane. Unable to return, she wandered Antagarich until she felt called to Conflux.

FiurFiurMale Energy ElementalPlaneswalkerA:3 D:1 S:1 K:1No Starting Spell
Fire/Energy Elementals gain +1 att, +2 def, +2 dmgAdvanced Offence
Fiur is young, and his battle powers untired, but he has a ferociousness like no other. It is believed he will become one of the most powerful hero of the Conflux.

ThunarThunarFemale Earth ElementalPlaneswalkerA:3 D:1 S:1 K:1No Starting Spell
Earth/Magma Elementals gain +2 att, +1 def, +5 dmgBasic Estates and Basic Tactics
Living around the Erathian Capitol for many years Thunar learned extensive Battle Tactics and Estates. Her curiocity and respect of mortals gained her a place in Conflux.

ErdamonErdamonMale Magma ElementalPlaneswalkerA:3 D:1 S:1 K:1No Starting Spell
Earth/Magma Elementals gain +2 att, +1 def, +5 dmgBasic Estates and Basic Tactics
An ancient lord of magma, Erdamon has slept for centuries within the mountains bordering Eefol. Pulled from his slumber to aid the Conflux, Erdamon welcomes the battle to rid the world of Kreegans.

PasisPasisFemale Psychic ElementalPlaneswalkerA:3 D:1 S:1 K:1No Starting Spell
Psychic/Magic Elementals gain +3 att, +3 defBasic Artillery and Basic Offence
Pasis has always been extremely fascinated by those of Corporeal form. Extensive research and interaction with these creatures made her an ideal condidate for the Conflux.

MonereMonereMale Magic ElementalPlaneswalkerA:3 D:1 S:1 K:1No Starting Spell
Psychic/Magic Elementals gain +3 att, +3 defBasic Logistics and Basic Offence
As a being of pure energy, Monere enjoyed the freedoms of his natural state. However, his curiocity for beings of corporeal form drove him to the Conflux.

Choosing a planeswalker: first choose a pair by speciality, but take into account that earth pair come with estates. The worst specialtity is that of water elementals, of course, they are shooters, but only +2 attack is not good enough. Still, if I'll go for water, I will choose Kalt with his learning potential, he looks funkier too. Fire elemental speciality is a bit better since it adds almost 50% extra damage. Ignissa and Fiur are about equal, but I would choose Ignissa if she is to defend the castle - controlling arrow towers is a useful skill. Earth speciality makes that useless level 5 unit of some use by more than doubling the base damage of earth/magma elementals. The earth pair is identical is skills, so the only choice you have to make is gender, I would prefer Erdamon, he looks hotter :) Psychic/Magic specialty is good because it is applied to a good unit, and magic elementals especially need that physical strength while they are immune to magic. Preffer Monere for big maps, while Pasis can defend your castles better on small maps.
My personal planeswalkers choices: Erdamon on small maps (extra money and makes earth/magma elementals useful) and Monere on Medium/Large/X-Large maps (I will be able to get psychic/magic elementals and travelling faster explains itself).


Elementalists are initially more powerful in magic than Warlocks and Wizards and they are the only heroes that start with magic school secondary skills. Elementalists are paired by the magic school secondary skill they posess, male and female again for each school of magic.

BrissaBrissaFemale GenieElementalistA:0 D:0 S:3 K:3Haste
Haste (by hero level)Basic Wisdom and Basic Air Magic
A young genie, even by their standards, Brissa joined the Restoration War before she completed her training. What she lacks in training, she makes up in experience.

AenainAenainMale GenieElementalistA:0 D:0 S:3 K:3Distrupting Ray
+2 to Distrupting RayBasic Wisdom and Basic Air Magic
Created by great power from mystical forces, Genies are creatures of magic. Aenain was made imperfect. For centuries he has worked hard to overcome the perception of his imperfection. For his dilligence and dedication to Air Magic, Aenain was called to the Conflux.

GelareGelareMale ElfElementalistA:0 D:0 S:3 K:3Dispel
350 gold per dayBasic Wisdom and Basic Water Magic
Gelare was born with a wisdom beyond his years, even for an elf. Always calm, reflective and serene on the outside, Gelare did not question his calling to the Conflux.

CieleCieleFemale ElfElementalistA:0 D:0 S:3 K:3Magic Arrow
Magic Arrow damage +50%Basic Wisdom and Basic Water Magic
Growing up next to the ocean bordering Avlee, Ciele always felt a bond with the ancient waters. She has wandered the lands seeking for calling. Now she finds herself serving the Conflux.

InteusInteusMale HumanElementalistA:0 D:0 S:3 K:3Bloodlust
Bloodlust (by hero level)Basic Wisdom and Basic Fire Magic
At an early age, Inteus' mastery of fire earned him a spot with a troupe of entertainers. Some believed he was the son of Fire Elemental. One night, he felt a calling and left his profession. Now he serves the Conflux.

LunaLunaFemale HumanElementalistA:0 D:0 S:3 K:3Fire Wall
Fire Walls do double damageBasic Wisdom and Basic Fire Magic
Originally a sorceress in Enroth, Luna felt the call of the Elemental Conflux and made her way to Erathia. Once in Earthia, Luna was compelled to disregard her aquatic tallents and turn her efforts to developing her skills in fire magic.

GrindanGrindanMale DwarfElementalistA:0 D:0 S:3 K:3Slow
350 gold per dayBasic Wisdom and Basic Earth Magic
Dwarves love gold. Some more than others. None have the power of earth to find it with such regularity as Grindan.

LabethaLabethaFemale HumanElementalistA:0 D:0 S:3 K:3Stone Skin
Stone Skin defence +3Basic Wisdom and Basic Earth Magic
Born poor, Labetha's parents were slaughtered peasantry during the Restoration wars. Taken by deneroids and brought into their service in AvLee, her power over the earth developed quickly. When she felt the Conflux calling, she answered quickly.

Choosing an Elementalist: Elementalist is a bit harder to choose than Planeswalker. First decide whether you need the 350 gold per day speciality and if you do, choose between Gelare and Grindan or between water and earth magic secondary skill. Grindan's slow is more useful to start with than dispel, but expert bless is essential for conflux army. I would go for Gelare. Lets compare air magic heroes, Brissa would be better for big maps, well-developed haste cast on phoenixes' turn will mean all your troops get to go first. But on smaller maps with no time to get high hero level, choose Aenain, his expert distrupting ray reduces defence by 7! As for water magic heroes, they are essential since conflux creatures really need a blessing with their damage ranges. Choose Gelare for gold, but Ciele comes with a powerful magic arrow which does 60 damage, and Ciele is already able to cast it 7 times! Ciele's abbility will be extremely useful in long seiges and when she gets any magic orb artifact, it adds 50% to magic arrow, since this spell can be cast on any school of magic. If you like fire, Luna's fire wall will do 80 damage straight away, but it lasts only 2 rounds at any skill level... Still, you can keep enemy from entering your castle in seige combat pretty well: at spell power 10 and expert fire magic her fire wall will be 3 hexes wide and do 300 damage for the mana cost of 6! If you like strategic spellcasting, go for Luna. Remember that bloodlust works for hand-to-hand attacks only and you need to get many levels before Iteus' speciality starts to really work. And finally, earth magic heroes, Labetha's stone skin can add +9 defence to all your troops when cast at expert level! And the best Elementalist award goes to... Ciele! Magic arrow advantage is always strong and water magic's bless, prayer, weakness and clone are very good for a conflux army. I would also consider Ciele the best hero of the conflux.