New Neutral creatures in Armageddon's Blade expansion.

PeasantHealth: 1Attack: 1Shots: noneMovement: ground
10 gold (25)Hex size: 1Defence: 1Dmg: 1Spd: 3 (very slow)
They are back! Strangely, there are no knights to welcome them back, and the reason probably is that 1 pikeman can take out 7 of those peasants... Oh look, someone is coming, and he will gladly accept peasants into his ranks! That is the evil necromancer of course. Transforming these weaklings to skeletons seems to be the only use for them. Well, they slow down your army, have the lowest stats in the game and the only thing they do best is dying. They are considered a level 1 creature, but I think it's too good for them.
HalflingHealth: 4Attack: 4Shots: 24Movement: ground
40 gold (15)Hex size: 1Defence: 2Dmg: 1-3Spd: 5 (slow)
Special: halfling's luck is never lower than 1.
Let's compare them to master gremlins: same cost, attack and speed, halflings have less defence, 3 times more shots, wider range of damage and ever-positive luck. Forget about the low defence value and if you have to choose, halflings are the best level 1 shooters without any doubt. Don't forget to bless them, or curse if you are the enemy.
RogueHealth: 10Attack: 8Shots: noneMovement: ground
100 gold (8)Hex size: 1Defence: 3Dmg: 2-4Spd: 6 (swift)
Special: additional inforamtion at your thieves guild.
Level 2 creature. Different from previous series, rogues no longer posess the abbility of no enemy retaliation. Rogues are still an offensive unit: rule "attack before attacked" applies to both oppositions. Rogues can support your army in the beginning of the game, but later on, their only use is for that extra information in thieves guild.
BoarHealth: 15Attack: 6Shots: noneMovement: ground
150 gold (8)Hex size: 2Defence: 5Dmg: 2-3Spd: 6 (swift)
Boars at level 2 are somewhere between wolf rider and wolf raider, but cost a bit more. In one way they leave wolves far behind though: they are really funny! Look at their battle tail position when they charge :)
MummyHealth: 30Attack: 7Shots: noneMovement: ground
300 gold (7)Hex size: 1Defence: 7Dmg: 3-5Spd: 5 (slow)
Special: often cast curse when attack.
Level 3 creature. They look so much cooler than in H2! Otherways they haven't changed much. Average unit with higher than average price, but curse abbility is quite useful.
NomadHealth: 30Attack: 9Shots: noneMovement: ground
200 gold (7)Hex size: 2Defence: 8Dmg: 2-6Spd: 7 (extra swift)
Special: speed bonus on sand.
Level 3 creature. Higher skill than mummy while a lot cheaper in price. Good unit, but needs to be blessed. Unless it's an endgame, nomads are well woth recruiting.
TrollHealth: 40Attack: 14Shots: noneMovement: ground
500 gold (3)Hex size: 1Defence: 7Dmg: 10-15Spd: 7 (extra swift)
Special: top unit of the stack regenerates to full hit points every turn.
Level 5 creature. Wights and wraiths are no longer unique, trolls can regenarate up to their 40 hit points every turn! Very wothy level 5 unit, always woth recruiting in early and middle game stages. Trolls are an offensive units: attack before attacked. Do not attack a troll unless you can kill at least one of them by their next turn: their wounds just heal.
SharpshooterHealth: 15Attack: 12Shots: 32Movement: ground
400 gold (4)Hex size: 1Defence: 10Dmg: 8-10Spd: 9 (ultra swift)
Special: no penalty for long range nor seige walls.
Level 4 creature. Sharpshooters are excellent shooters which can compare to wizard's arch magi due to their high damage, huge almount of shots and the most imporatant, no penalty for long range or seige walls. Sharpshooters lack in hit points, so keep them well defended and far from enemy, it will not penalise them. Hero Gelu can upgrade archers, marksmen, wood elves and grand elves to sharpshooters.
EnchanterHealth: 30Attack: 17Shots: 32Movement: ground
750 gold (2)Hex size: 1Defence: 12Dmg: 14Spd: 9 (ultra swift)
Special: casts mass spell every 3 rounds.
Level 6 creature. Spell castings do not take enchanter's turn away and are quite intellegent choices too. Definitely woth having enchanters in your army at any stage of the game: spell casting abality + good constant range damage + can you run out of 32 shots?! Enchanters really lack in hit points though, so keep them well-defended. Enchanters do run out of mana after 4-6 spell castings. Hero Dracon can upgrade monks, zealots, magi and arch magi to enchanters.
Faerie Dragon
Faerie DragonHealth: 500Attack: 20Shots: noneMovement: flying
10000g+8ge (1)Hex size: 2Defence: 20Dmg: 20-30Spd: 15 (super quick)
Special: can cast a random offensive spell each turn at spell power 8, up to about 10 spells per combat.
Level 8 creature. Faerie dragon's spells do more damage than it's attacks, so while it has some mana left it's better to use it as faraway spellcaster. Anyway, keep them safe because they are not as powerful hand-to-hand as some lvl 7 creatures, they can absorb a lot of damage though.
Rust Dragon
Rust DragonHealth: 750Attack: 30Shots: noneMovement: flying
15000g+14s (1)Hex size: 2Defence: 30Dmg: 50Spd: 17 (extra fast)
Special: acid breath reduces target's defence by 3, 30% chance to do extra 25 damage per rust dragon. 2-hex breath attack.
Level 10 creature. Rust dragon is an excellent unit for both offense and defence with it's constant damage and wekening attacks. Weakening attack can be used multiple times on one enemy stack until it's defence value reaches zero. Attack the biggest stacks first to reduce their defence.
Crystal Dragon
Crystal DragonHealth: 800Attack: 40Shots: noneMovement: ground
20000g+10c (1)Hex size: 2Defence: 40Dmg: 60-75Spd: 16 (fast)
Special: brings you 1-2 crystal per week!
Level 10 creature. Crystal dragons are animated through magic, so they're a non-living creatures. Crystal Dragons cannot fly, but they are a marathon-class runners, they don't have a breath attack, so they have to use their claws which they do quite well anyway. Crystal Dragon will pay off it's crystal cost in about 10 weeks. Having several of them will pay off as a crystal mine, think about it :)
Azure Dragon
Azure DragonHealth: 1000Attack: 50Shots: noneMovement: flying
30000g+20m (1)Hex size: 2Defence: 50Dmg: 70-80Spd: 19 (ultra fast)
Special: enemy units sometimes freeze of fear regardless of their morale while azure dragon is present. 2-hex breath attack.
Level 10 creature. No more lousy angels! Dragons rule again! No creature alone can beat the azure dragon. They literally rule the battlefield and their presence alone causes fear among the enemy. If you manage to defeat the dwelling guards, the enormous cost is well worth paying.