New Objects in Armageddon's Blade Expansion Editor

New Dwellings can be viewed on Map Locations page.

New Features of Armageddon's Blade Expansion Map Editor

Town Properties screen updates:

Spells: now you can customize not only which spells may appear in the mage guild, but also which spells must appear in the mage guild (limited to the maximum number of spells of course). Spells are now chosen separately for each level.

Seer's Hut Properties screen updates:

In HOMM3 the only customization were artifact required and the reward, but in AB you can customize:

Witch Hut Properties screen updates:

Can now be customized: tick the potential secondary skills that might appear there.

Garrison Properties screen updates:

Checkbox "Troops are removable". Ticked by defeault, but if not, players will be able to put troops into garrison but will not be able to take them out. This creates a possibility of giving player a guarded pass without giving him a big army early on.

Armageddon's Blade Expansion Random Map Generator

Works either when starting a new scenario single/multiplayer game or you can create a random map by clicking new in scenario editor. In both cases, the random map generator has the following set of options:

Armageddon's Blade Expansion Campaign Editor

Once you start to create a new campaign, you need to choose one of 13 continent maps. Continent map is what will be displayed to player between maps, it's where they choose the next map. Next thing to do is to type up campaign name, description and choose a theme music out of all music files present. There's also an option whether scenario difficulty is selectable. The list of regions available for scenarios (maps) is displayed on the map. The number and shape of active (selectable) regions depends on which continent map you choose (out of 13 available). List of properties for a scenario (region):

So, before you can make a campaign, you need to make the separate scenarios, work out the completion path, carefully put placeholder heroes onto the scenarios and only then use the campaign editor to find the suitable continent map and set region preferences. Making a good campaign is an extremely long and difficult task, but I'm sure players can handle it.