New Map Locations in Armageddon's Blade Expansion

Magic LanternMagic Lantern
Level 1 Conflux Dwelling
20 Pixies per week
free joiners, non-guarded
Altar of AirAltar of Air
Level 2 Conflux Dwelling
6 Air Elementals per week
250 gold each, non-guarded
Altar of WaterAltar of Water
Level 3 Conflux Dwelling
6 Water Elementals per week
300 gold each, non-guarded
Altar of FireAltar of Fire
Level 4 Conflux Dwelling
5 Fire Elementals per week
350 gold each, non-guarded
Altar of EarthAltar of Earth
Level 5 Conflux Dwelling
4 Earth Elementals per week
400 gold each, guarded
Altar of ThoughtAltar of Thought
Level 6 Conflux Dwelling
2 Psychic Elementals per week
750 gold each, guarded
Level 7 Conflux Dwelling
2 Firebirds per week
1500 gold each, guarded
Level 1 Neutral Dwelling
25 Peasants per week
free joiners, non-guarded
Thatched HutThatched Hut
Level 1 Neutral Dwelling
15 Halflings per week
free joiners, non-guarded
Rogue CavernRogue Cavern
Level 2 Neutral Dwelling
8 Rogues per week
100 gold each, non-guarded
Boar GlenBoar Glen
Level 2 Neutral Dwelling
8 Boars per week
150 gold each, non-guarded
Tomb of CursesTomb of Curses
Level 3 Neutral Dwelling
7 Mummies per week
300 gold each, non-guarded
Nomad TentNomad Tent
Level 3 Neutral Dwelling
7 Nomads per week
200 gold each, non-guarded
Treetop TowerTreetop Tower
Level 4 Neutral Dwelling
4 Sharpshooters per week
400 gold each, non-guarded
Troll BridgeTroll Bridge
Level 5 Neutral Dwelling
3 Trolls per week
500 gold each, guarded
Enchanter's HollowEnchanter's Hollow
Level 6 Neutral Dwelling
2 Enchanters per week
750 gold each, guarded
Magic ForestMagic Forest
Level 8 Neutral Dwelling
1 Faerie Dragon per week
10Kg+8ge each, guarded
Sulfurous LairSulfurous Lair
Level 10 Neutral Dwelling
1 Rust Dragon per week
15Kg+14s each, guarded
Crystal CavernCrystal Cavern
Level 10 Neutral Dwelling
1 Crystal Dragon per week
20Kg+10c each, guarded
Frozen CliffsFrozen Cliffs
Level 10 Neutral Dwelling
1 Azure Dragon per week
30Kg+20m each, guarded
Conflux Town
Conflux town with fort built
(image quality reduced a bit)
Quest GuardVertical GarrisonQuest Guard
Quest needs to be
completed in order to pass

Vertical Garrison
Just like the normal garrison,
but stands sideways on the map.
If it has stars around, it's anti-magic.
Border Gate
Border Gate
Just like border guard, but does not disappear when you pass, this means other players need to get their own pass. Comes in many colors.

Map Locations Tips: These are the new map locations in Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Armageddon's Blade Expansion. Now some tips about the new buildings... Conflux dwellings level 2-5 are different map locations from the old altars, the old altars cannot be flagged. The old elemental conflux location (dwelling of air/water/fire/earth elementals "under one roof") still remains and cannot be flagged. Remember, the population does not remain in map dwellings, it just replenishes every week, so if you really want to recruit from that dwelling, come back to it every week. Now to the particular dwellings, elemental dwellings level 2-5 are nothing special unless you own a conflux town, but even if you don't, 20 free pixies are always worth getting in my opinion, they won't slow down your hero. I would also hang around the altar of thought or pyre, getting 2 creatures per week is not bad, especially such a useful ones. When you come across a hovel, don't let peasants convince you! Even for free, they are a completely useless slowdown. But if you're a necromancer, visit hovel every week, it's like 25 free skeletons once you get them to your transformer. Thatched hut is worth hanging around: free, plentiful and even shoots. Rogues... well, if you need extra tavern information. Boars - no good. Mummies - only if you really need some army. Nomads - go for them, they are good and cheap. Sharpshooters - if you're rich, it's nice to have some. Trolls - get them, they rule in the early stages of the game, but watch out, their dwelling is guarded. Enchanters - they are simply a must-have, a bit expensive though. As for the dragon dwellings go in only if you have a good army and a good pile of money: guards are tough and the reward is very expensive, but once you get hold of level 8-10 dwelling, try to recruit a dragon every week, those creatures often decide the outcomes of great battles. As for crystal dragons, once you got 10, they will generate enough crystal to get a new crystal dragon each week. Nothing new about the vertical garrisons except for the shape, but watch out, some garrisons do not allow you to remove creatures once garrisoned. Border gates: at last you can pass without worrying about opening a pass for your enemy! Quest guard - think well before telling them about completing your quest - enemy might make a good use of the opened passage. That's about it for the quick new locations' tips.

For more details, visit the Map Editors page.