The True Blade Heroes 4 Campaign

Scenario 2 - The Trials

Map Difficulty: Novice.
Map Size: Small, with underground.
Victory Condition: Reach the Oracle of the Dawn by completing all the quests she gives Lysander.
Loss Condition: Lose Lysander or Proetho.
Carryover: Lysander, Proetho and two of your most powerful heroes with all of their spells, skills and experience will transfer to the next map. All of your heroes have a maximum level of 25.

A wise man once wrote, "Destiny demands sacrifise. The prince who would be kind must first step over the corpse of his own father." I didn't realise how true this statement was until we searched for the Oracle of the Dawn. What will be the cost of her knowledge, I wonder?

Lysander leaves Palaedra to find the mysterious Oracle of the Dawn. She may be his only chance to prove Sir Worton a fraud. But this wild land where he now treads is filled with many dangers, and he has left the bulk of his army behind to protect his kingdom. Can he fight his way through these rogues and monsters, facing the Oracle's tests along the way?