The True Blade Heroes 4 Campaign

Scenario 5 - The Rightful Heir

Map Difficulty: Intermediate.
Map Size: Medium, with underground.
Victory Condition: Defeat the Worton hero to ensure the safety of Palaedra.
Loss Condition: Lose Lysander, Proetho, Desette or Sir Kentaine.

Sir Worton seized control of most of Palaedra while Lysander was away. That worm had the strength of the entire country now. Our post powerful weapon against him, however, wasn't a sword, or a magical artifact, or even an army. It was the truth.

Lysander returns to find Palaedra in the middle of a civil war. Worton and his supporters have conquered the capitol and much of the kingdom. There is little resistance left. The good people of Palaedra are on Lysander's side now that Kentaine and Desette have announced that Worton is their son and not the rightful heir. Palaedra's future now rests in Lysander's hands.