Glory of Days Past Heroes 4 Campaign

Scenario 2 - A Necessary War

Map Difficulty: Intermediate.
Map Size: Medium, with underground.
Victory Condition: Defeat all enemy towns and armies.
Loss Condition: Lose hero - Waerjak.
Carryover: Waerjak and all of his spells, skills, and experience, as well as his most powerful secondary Hero, will carry over to the next map. All of your heroes have a maximum level of 20.

No, our strength is not our muscle, or an iron blade! Muscles grow weak with age and disease. Iron rusts in the rain and melts under flame. Our strength is the community! Together, we can provide food for our children, create great works of art, and defeat our enemies. Community is forever!

After only a few months of rule, Waerjak proved that Barbarians could prosper without war. In fact, his small kingdom is now one of the richest in all the Tribal Lands. But like jackals to a fresh kill, two warlords set their greedy eyes on these lands. Now, Waerjak must fight a necessary war and prove that he can defend his people against this new threat.