Glory of Days Past Heroes 4 Campaign

Scenario 3 - A King's Choice

Map Difficulty: Advanced.
Map Size: Medium, with underground.
Victory Condition: Defeat Hero - Hundric.
Loss Condition: Lose Hero - Waerjak.
Carryover: Waerjak and all of his spells, skills, and experience, as well as his most powerful secondary Hero, will carry over to the next map. All of your heroes have a maximum level of 25.

See there, Waerjak, that pack of mountain dogs moving through the valley? See how the injured one limps off from the rest? He knows he's dragging down the pack. As long as he's with them, they keep his pace. They won't force him out because they love him, so he stays behind. He will die so that they remain strong. It's not always easy, but the pack comes first.

Waerjak faces a terrible choice when he learns that Vogel Backbreaker holds his foster father, Tarnum, captive. Meanwhile, in another neighboring land, the warlord, Hundric, holds hundreds of Barbarian women and children as slaves, working them to death trying to build a new army. Waerjak can't save both.