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Town Specializations: Stronghold


The oldest Orcish Shaman lives in Alagh-Tolui. Her mind is far less clear than it used to be when she was young, and her memory's even worse, so few treats her predictions seriously. But the guess-works, spattering from her mouth like grain from a worn-out sack, are very popular among the local population, and often have inconceivable sequences. These conjectures are so numerous that Alagh-Tolui is the best source for rumor and gossip in all the lands.

  • » Information Center: The town's thieves guild offers more information (counts as 2 thieves guilds).


Gold has no value for the warriors of Altan, for you can't buy valor or glory in the bloody battles for it. The Orcs believe that the thirst for possessing filthy lucre will do nothing but hamper them in fighting bravely. That is why, before they march off for war, the warriors carry their gold to the Shaman's tent: by giving it up, they hope to become even braver and to please the spirits. Due to that reason, money is always plentiful in the town's treasury.

  • » Mountains of Gold: Adds 250 Gold to daily income.


The shooting towers of Baishin-gal have been built by mighty Cyclops. The best of them used to help the town build its defenses. Dread and formidable creatures used their shattering power to make the structures of Baishin-gal much taller than those in other towns. Thanks to the comfortable platforms, good visibility, and unique bows presented to the archers by the Cyclops, they deal some really great damage to the enemy.

  • » Heavy towers: Shooting towers of this town do more damage to an enemy
    Defense towers have a 25% bonus to damage.


Traders from all over the country arrive to Bayar for taking part in the famous monthly Orcish Fair. This is the only place to find the best wares, sold for the neighborhood's lowest prices.

  • » Merchant's Fair: The town's marketplace offers better rates (counts as 2 marketplaces).


The physicians of Darlakh hold sacred the lives and safety of their warriors. This is the reason why the best First Aid Tents are made here - but in exchange for Ballistae, for which the town does not have time or resources left.

  • » First Aid Tent Specialist: The town's blacksmith also offers First Aid Tents at normal price.


The garrison guards of Harakh are famous for their mistrustful attitude towards aliens. For the whole history of the town, not even a single spy managed to infiltrate behind its walls. That is because of a mighty Cyclops who stands in its gate and marks all the hostile designs of the strangers with his single eye. The defenders of Harakh trust that no one will ever betray his kinsfolk and open the gate in case of siege, and this faith nourishes their steadfastness and bravery in the most dangerous of battles.

  • » defense + 1: All the troops guarding this town get +1 bonus to their Defense.


The armies that attack Osol-Aih see its tall structures from a distance. Every step they make towards the stronghold increases their doubt. The town's defenses inspire fear even in the veterans of the fiercest wars. The people of Osol-Aih have adorned its walls with the dead bodies of their enemies and set great bone trumpets on the towers, and wind always wails in them, instilling terror into the enemies.

  • » Morale - 1: All the enemies assaulting this town get -1 penalty to their Morale.


The legendary Curse Stone is kept in Oyugun. Ancient runes that the winds of the Steppes have dented on its sides bear the most terrible spells of the Orcish people. Many young Shamans want to visit Oyugun in order to touch the artifact, read the ancient letters and perceive the wisdom they are hiding.

  • » Tier 4 Military Trainer: +1 to tier 4 creature's growth.


A file of seething Quicksilver Lakes extends from Qulan. The Alchemist from all over the world hold this place sacred and come here to take some magical Mercury.

  • » Mercury Wealth: +2 Mercury per week (on day 1).


Qutugh is located in a backwater district of the Orcish lands. Here, in the endless windswept steppes, the strongest and sturdiest Centaurs are born. The Chiefs of all the Clans of the great nomadic people are eager to have them in their armies.

  • » Tier 2 Military Trainer: +1 to tier 2 creature's growth.


Saruul is the oldest of the Orcs' towns. It was Kuynak himself, the one who once delivered his people from oppression and then destroyed the enemy fleet with the Cup of Rain, who founded the town. Heroes still believe that the spirit of Kuynak soars over the walls of Saruul, and one who starts his service in this town will become great.

  • » Heroes Hiring Place: Save 10% gold when recruiting heroes.


The Orcs are allergic to the scent of sulfur because it reminds them too clearly of the Demons they hate. That is why most of their sulfur is extracted in the hills near Shagnakh: the town's dwellers are famous for being absolutely unable to feel smells, which makes them able to stand the stench of sulfur much longer than the other Orcs.

  • » Sulfur Wealth: +2 Sulfur per week (on day 1).


Deserts and steppes are not the best places for good wood. But Shugui is a lucky place: great, impassable thickets surround it, and thanks to them, the local dwellers have never been short of wood. It is rumored that trees grow so well near Shugui because of the numerous Light Elves who have been unfortunate to be taken captive by the Orcs and then buried under the forests' roots.

  • » Wood Producer: The Resource Silo produces one extra Wood each day.


Few dare to try and take Suren-Oroi by force. The town stands on a naked rock of stone, and the only trail that meanders towards its gate along the very edge of a deep chasm is winding and narrow. Even the swiftest of the Scouts were unable to run fast there, so the enemies who try to take that route are sure to find themselves under the accurate shots of the archers who stand on the town's towers.

  • » attack - 2: All the enemies assaulting this town get -2 penalty to their Attack.


Ancient Surghaal is legendary among the Orcs, for the best masters of warfare, absolutely competent with the art of bludgeon wielding, live behind its walls. They all are heroes of bloody battles, and the younger warriors have much to learn from them. Nowadays, every Orc dreaming of proving himself at the battlefield is eager to join Surghaal's garrison.

  • » Tier 3 Military Trainer: +1 to tier 3 creature's growth.


Once upon a time, the ore veins of Temur have been the main source of iron for all the Orcish weapon smiths. But it came to pass that the stocks of ore were depleted. The best Shamans gathered in the underground mines and spent a month drawing secret blood runes on their walls and burning thousands of Goblins in order to complete the great magical canvas. In the end of their terrible rite, the earth gave ore back - and in amounts far greater than it used to be before.

  • » Ore Producer: The Resource Silo produces one extra Ore each day.


The Orcs of Ull-Dash never trust in luck, and hope not that fortune will extend a helping hand when they prepare to defend the town from enemy forces. Understanding that in the heat of the fight one can only rely on himself, they forge their own luck.

  • » Luck + 1: All the troops guarding this town get +1 bonus to their Luck.


Orcish Shamans prefer to avoid this town, for there are rumors about an artifact hidden somewhere in proximity that decreases magical power. The same reason has made Uulzakh the stamping-ground for the Goblins: their chances for finding themselves sacrificed at an altar are far less than in other places. That is why the Goblin community of Uulzakh has been prospering for many decades already.

  • » Tier 1 Military Trainer: +2 to tier 1 creature's growth.


The archers of Vachir are far more brisk and skilful than those of other towns, which is why they need much more arrows than the usual representatives of this military profession. To provide enough arrows to their archers, the town's smiths had to give up making Ballistae in order to produce more reliable Ammo Carts.

  • » Ammo Cart Specialist: The town's Blacksmith also offers Ammo Carts at normal price.


Not every Catapult is able to negotiate the walls of Zogsokh. They have been erected by the best of the stonemasons working in union with the wisest of the Clan elders. Great boulders that form their base have been sprinkled with enemy blood, and the saps of secret herbs of the Steppes have been mixed into the cement that consolidates the stones. That ritual has made Zogsokh a real fortress.

  • » Strong walls: Castle walls of this towm are harder to destroy
    Each defense structure (walls, towers and gate) has 50 more Hit Points.
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