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Town Specializations: Dungeon


The defensive towers here are adorned with barbed magical stars that inflict additional damage on those who attack the town. The origin of these stars is unknown, but the Dragon profile drawn on them hints that they are a gift from Malassa's brood to the Dark Elves who worship them.

  • » Heavy towers: Shooting towers of this town do more damage to an enemy
    Defense towers have a 25% bonus to damage.


Deep in these catacombs witches weave a net of sorcery to protect the Dungeon dwellers from enemies. It's one of the few activities upon which the bickering Dark Elf clans agree, and they all send apprentice witches there to train.

  • » Tier 2 Military Trainer: +1 to tier 2 creature's growth.


The Dark Elves were always short of mercury, until one clever alchemist figured out how to extract it from subterranean lichen. The lichen growing near Myrthin is best for that purpose, so the town has become the center for Ygg-Chall's mercury trade.

  • » Mercury Wealth: +2 Mercury per week (on day 1).


Ristyrris is a former town of the Soulscar Clan, this name releases a torrent of abuse from the mouth of any Warlock. During early clan wars they entered into alliance with demons, which them to ruin. The only reminder of that are the Ballista: the Demons taught the Ristyrris blacksmiths to make them.

  • » Ballista Specialist: The town's Blacksmith also offers Ballistae at normal price.


Most of the wealth of this town is generated by hundreds of slaves. Captured in war or sold into servitude, their numbers are large and provide a docile, well-ordered, and inexpensive labor supply.

  • » Mountains of Gold: Adds 250 Gold to daily income.


The powerful saurian mounts used by the Dark Elf cavalry are native to this place. Because of their military importance, there is a constant flow of warriors, trainers, and buyers through the town. Seishnec is never short of an extra hand should war come to the town.

  • » Tier 4 Military Trainer: +1 to tier 4 creature's growth.


Few of the cities in the labyrinthine caverns of the Dark Elves are navigable as far as the seas. The importance of these few ports -- for spying as much as for trade -- means that they are carefully managed. The building of boats is of paramount importance, and prices are kept artificially low.

  • » Countless Fleet: The town's shipyard builds ships for half the standard cost (500 Gold + 5 Wood).


Though Druids are not to be found among the Dark Elves, some nuts and seedlings were taken from their homeland when they were banished and are today grown in Shansyl. Unique for the fissures that permit light and air to the depths of the caverns, Shansyl does a thriving business in lumber.

  • » Wood Producer: The Resource Silo produces one extra Wood each day.


A potent curse of ill luck was laid on this town by defeated Necromancer cultists, enemies and even strangers who come to the town fall victim to it. A traveler can expect merely a lost purse or a twisted ankle, but invading armies are doomed to a string of disasters.

  • » Luck - 1: All the enemies assaulting this town get -1 penalty to their Luck.


The area around Sweristal reminds one of a barren wasteland. During the War of the Bitter Ashes, Dark Elf Warlocks unleashed a powerful magic that ripped away a layer of earth, incidentally baring countless beds of ore. The collection of this ore is the main occupation of local residents.

  • » Ore Producer: The Resource Silo produces one extra Ore each day.


Subterranean cold and damp envelop the residents Talgath, a town marked by Death. It became a grave for its attackers during the War Under the Mountain, and anybody who comes near the walls feels the cold of death squeezing their heart.

  • » Morale - 1: All the enemies assaulting this town get -1 penalty to their Morale.


The network of subterranean labyrinths that branch out from all over Talmon comes out near Ur-Toth - a Demon town famous for its reserves of diamonds. Covert penetration into the Demons' treasury has become a frequent exercise for these stealthy fighters of Ygg-Chall.

  • » Gems Wealth: +2 Gems per week (on day 1).


The scorched plain that surrounds the Talosthra walls is scattered with explosive stones -- the traces of a past battle between the Dark Elves and particularly clever Dwarven Rune Priests. The stones have not lost their magical power and will inflict serious damage on anybody who tries to lay siege to Talosthra.

  • » Attack -1, Defense -1: All the enemies assaulting this town get -1 penalty to their Attack and Defense.


Thilgathal's walls are enveloped by thick fog, and the whole town seems to be hidden behind a dirty grey haze. Whether magical or not the fog is certainly effective, shots fired against the town have a hard time hitting their target.

  • » Strong walls: Castle walls of this towm are harder to destroy
    Each defense structure (walls, towers and gate) has 50 more Hit Points.


The secret of making First Aid Tents seemed to be lost forever when the Dark Elves were cut off from the Druids and healing arts of Irollan. Diligent study by Thralsin alchemists and craftsmen managed to restore much of what was lost. Jealously guarding their knowledge, Thralsin is the only town where one can buy these Tents.

  • » First Aid Tent Specialist: The town's blacksmith also offers First Aid Tents at normal price.


A tradition from the ancient days when all Elves were one people, every Dark Elf goes through a rite of passage to adulthood. Assassins, for instance, come from all over to try the ascend this city's Culling Tower. Not all manage it, however, the narrow spiral stairs are laced with cunning traps and the spirits of the dead are said to stand guard.

  • » Tier 1 Military Trainer: +2 to tier 1 creature's growth.


The market here is often full of mercenaries and soldiers on leave, selling their hard-won booty to pay for a bit of well-deserved rest and relaxation. As a result, surprisingly low prices can be had on items from all over Ashan.

  • » Merchant's Fair: The town's marketplace offers better rates (counts as 2 marketplaces).


This is one of the few towns that remained intact after the Dark Elves took over the caves and labyrinths of Ygg-Chall. This was not by chance, it is the town of Minotaurs, and the Dark Ones kept it whole so they could replenish their army with Minotaur slaves.

  • » Tier 3 Military Trainer: +1 to tier 3 creature's growth.


Dark Elves are often members of some form of Thieves' Guild, and they all delight in mysteries and secrets. This town is a place where gossip and rumors from all of Ygg-Chall comes together, and if a Warlock needs reliable information this is where he comes.

  • » Information Center: The town's thieves guild offers more information (counts as 2 thieves guilds).


Though possessed of an excellent military academy and training grounds, this sleepy town is located far from the lands where conflict usually simmers - the borders with the Dwarves and with the Elves of Irollan. As a result the Dark Elf heroes trained here, eager to get out and make their fortune elsewhere, are willing to charge less for their services.

  • » Heroes Hiring Place: Save 10% gold when recruiting heroes.
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