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Creatures Abilities

In Heroes of Might & Magic V, all creatures (with the exception of the Blade Dancer) have one or several special abilities. These are a major part of the richness of the game, and make each creature unique and useful.

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Name Description Creatures Possessing
Acid BloodBeing attacked, this creature splashes out some acid, covering four tiles from the direction of the attack and delivering 25 percent of normal damage to the enemies.
The acid damage is physical (it is calculated like the Hydra's normal attack against the target).
Foul Hydra
Acid BreathThis creature attacks all the targets within the random radius of the selected direction.During attack creature damages not only the target but any other unit positioned directly behind it.
This ability is NOT the same as Prismatic Breath. It is, however, the same as Fire Breath, as it used to.
Green Dragon, Emerald Dragon
AgilityUp to the next turn, this creature gains a +2 Defense bonus for every tile it walks.
For its first turn in combat, the creature's Defense is increased as if it had walked its full movement range.
Wind Dancer
ArmouredThis creature is resistant to all spells and effects that decrease Defense.Defender, Shieldguard, Blackbear Rider, Mountain Guard, Harpooner
AssaultThis creature has a chance to deliver another blow after the first one.
The probability is computed after the first blow, and before the enemy's retaliation.
Brute, Mauler
Aura of BraveryThis creature increases the Morale of all friendly stacks that stand on tiles adjacent to it to +1 in the battle and all adjacent friendly stacks have positive Morale (no less than +1).Minotaur Taskmaster
Aura of Fire VulnerabilityThis creature suffers increased damage from Fire-based spells; this effect is extended to all neighboring stacks, including friendly ones.
Damage suffered is increased by 50%.
Elemental Gargoyle
Aura of Ice VulnerabilityThis creature suffers increased damage from Ice-based spells; this effect is extended to all neighboring stacks, including friendly ones.
Damage suffered is increased by 50%.
Elemental Gargoyle
Aura of Lightning VulnerabilityThis creature suffers increased damage from lighting-based spells; this effect is extended to all neighboring stacks, including friendly ones.
Damage suffered is increased by 50%.
Elemental Gargoyle
Aura of Magic ResistanceFor this creature and all friendly units located on tiles adjacent to it, magic resistance is increased by 30%.Unicorn, Silver Unicorn
BashAt every attack creature has a chance to stun the enemy so they won't be able to retaliate and lose initiative (mechanical creatures are not affected).
When stunned, the target's ATB value is reset to 0.
Conscript, Footman, Squire, Skeleton Warrior, Battlerager
Battle DiveCreature performs delayed air attack on selected tile on the field, causing double damage to any creatures, including friendly ones, which happen to be on the tile at that moment. Following the attack, the creature returns to a randomly selected location on the field (activated ability).Imperial Griffin
Battle FrenzyEvery next retaliation strike performed by this creature inflicts damage 1.5 times as great than the previous one.
The retaliation multiplier is reset when the creature acts.
Battle Griffin
Battle RageWhen this creature suffers damage, its Initiative is temporarily increased by +2, and its Attack by +5.
The Battle Rage buff lasts for 2 turns and is not cumulative.
Bear RoarThis creature has a chance to frighten a target and its neighbors when attacking (small creatures are more disposed to fear). If successful the attacker gets +1 to its Morale and +10% to its Health.
The Roar has a chance to frighten the enemies located on the 6 adjacent front tiles of the Whitebear Rider. Small creatures' chance to be frightened is doubled. The bonus for frightening at least one enemy lasts 2 turns.
Whitebear Rider
Berserker RageWhen this ability is used, the creature's Defense drops temporarily to zero, Offense increases by the same amount, and it attacks the nearest enemy automatically without suffering the retaliation strike. However if there is no enemy in the movement range of this creature it will attack a nearest friendly unit instead of the enemy (activated ability).Berserker
Blade of SlaughterDeals additional damage to each creature in target stack (+2 damage per creature in the target stack).
The +2 damage bonus is added after all the multiplying bonuses.
Pit Spawn
Blinding AttackWhen this creature attacks the enemy, there is a chance that it will blind it in addition to inflicting regular damage. Blinded creatures cannot move or attack, but regain sight if attacked.
The Blind spell is cast with spell power 8.
Silver Unicorn, Pristine Unicorn
BraveryCreature always has positive morale (no less than +1).Minotaur, Minotaur Guard, Executioner
Call LightningCreature fires a lightning bolt causing magical damage to selected target. Can be used for ranged attack when regular shooting attack is impossible or will only cause reduced damage (activated ability).
The Lightning Bolt deals Air damage equals to 30*number of creatures in the stack. It ignores magic protection (but not immunities or magic resistance).
CasterThis creature can use a set of magical spells similar to those cast by heroes. Mana reserve is limited but always set to maximum at the beginning of combat. Spellpower depends on the number of creatures (activated ability).Inquisitor, Pit Fiend, Pit Lord, Archlich, Sprite, Druid, Druid Elder, Mage, Archmage, Shadow Witch, Shadow Matriarch, Water Elemental, Rune Priest, Rune Patriarch, Zealot, Seraph, Mummy, Shaman, Sky Daughter, Shadow Mistress, High Druid, Lich Master, Battle Mage, Rune Keeper, Earth Daughter
Chain ShotThis creature inflicts damage to selected target and the three other targets nearest to it. Each successive enemy struck receives half the damage of the previous one. The Chain Shot does not affect Demonic creatures.
The Chain Shot does not trigger on Demonic creatures.
Succubus Mistress
Champion ChargeIf this creature has walked more than 2 tiles when attacking, it also inflicts half-damage on the stack standing in the line of attack immediately behind the primary target.Champion
ChannelingThis creature can increase the hero's Spell Power by its own Spell Power value, but not greater than the hero's Knowledge. The effect lasts until the end of the combat or until the creature dies, and is not cumulative (activated ability).High Druid
Child of the LightAny Light Magic spell, except damage-dealing ones, cast by anyone, will also be applied on this creature on Expert level.Pristine Unicorn
CleaveIf this creature's attack kills at least one creature in the target stack, it performs an additional strike.Vindicator, Slayer, Executioner
Commanding PresenceThis creature increases all the neighboring adjacent friendly stacks' Initiative by +1.Chieftain
CowardiceSuffering damage from a melee attack, this creature tries to run off to the nearest unoccupied location within its movement range.
The creature retaliates only if it cannot flee.
Goblin, Goblin Trapper, Goblin Witch-Doctor
Crippling WoundIn a successful attack, this creature has an additional chance of decreasing the target's Speed (-50%) and Initiative (-30%).
The target is wounded for 2 turns.
Spearwielder, Skirmisher
CrossfireThe creature attack area has the shape of a cross.
The attack only hurts enemy stacks.
Rune Patriarch
Crushing BlowThis creature always attacks a 4-tiles area and has a chance to zero the target's Initiative by its blow. It can also demolish walls and towers while besieging towns.
The attack hits all targets within a 2x2 area, including allied creatures. Damage against walls and towers is 10 per Cyclops in the stack.
Untamed Cyclops
Cursing AttackDuring attack a curse is put on the target, reducing the damage it can inflict. With each following attack the curse is renewed.
Weakness is cast with Advanced mastery.
Spectral Dragon, Death Knight
Dampen MagicThis creature completely defends all neighboring friendly stacks from distant Mage attacks.Battle Mage
DashAfter using this ability creature misses one turn but is able to make turns more often (activated ability).
The unit initiative is doubled for its next 3 actions.
Rakshasa Raja, Rakshasa Kshatra
Deadly StrikeThere's a 25% chance that this creature's attack will kill half the units in the enemy detachment.Death Knight
Death CloudRanged attack damages not just the target but all non-undead creatures covered by the Death Cloud (3 by 3 tiles) appearing at the hit point.
The main target receives normal damage, and all non-undead stacks around it receive 50% each.
Lich, Archlich
Death StareThis creature decreases all enemy stacks' Morale by -1.Spectral Dragon
Death WailThis creature can deal damage on all living enemy stacks within the range of 3 tiles from it. The damage amount depends on the particular enemy's Morale and its distance from the creature (activated ability).
Base damage is equal to (10-Target_Morale)*Nb_Banshee, where Nb_Banshee is the number of Banshees in the attacking stack. Targets adjacent to the Banshee suffer their base damage, while targets one tile further suffer half of it, and targets 2 tiles further only 25% of it.
For example, with a stack of 8 Banshees, an adjacent target with Morale 2 will suffer 8*(10-2)=64 damage. A target 2 tiles further with Morale -1 will suffer 8*(10+1)/4=22 damage.
Defensive StanceThis creature has an extra bonus to its Defense while it remains standing in its starting position during the combat.
Until it moves, the creature has a +5 bonus to its Defense.
Mountain Guard
Defile MagicThe Witch Doctors have a certain chance of defiling the spells cast by their targets (Casters only), either weakening them, increasing their cost, or making them fail. This defilement has a chance to backfire, duplicating a negative spell effect on the unlucky Goblins. (activated ability)Goblin Witch-Doctor
DemonicThis creature belongs to inferno. The Chain shot (Succubus Mistress ability) does not affect it but it is vulnerable to Holy Word spell.Imp, Familiar, Horned Demon, Horned Overseer, Hell Hound, Cerberus, Succubus, Succubus Mistress, Hell Charger, Nightmare, Pit Fiend, Pit Lord, Devil, Arch Devil, Vermin, Horned Grunt, Firehound, Succubus Seducer, Hell Stallion, Pit Spawn, Arch Demon
Double AttackCreature strikes two blows at the target in a single attack.Minotaur Guard
ElementalThis creature is not alive and cannot be affected by Poison-, Blind- or Mind-related magic. Nor can it be resurrected or healed with First Aid Tent.Stone Gargoyle, Obsidian Gargoyle, Fire Elemental, Water Elemental, Earth Elemental, Air Elemental, Fire Dragon, Magma Dragon, Elemental Gargoyle, Lava Dragon
Elves Double ShotNothing can hinder creature from firing two full shots at the enemy instead of just one.Hunter, Master Hunter
Enchanted ArmorThis creature is absolutely immune to all kinds of magic except those that inflict direct physical damage. Any spells that deal magical damage heals half of its damage HP (with resurrection).Magnetic Golem
Energy ChannelIf there's a creature with this ability in the hero's army, the hero will need 25% less mana to cast spells.Archmage
EnragedThis creature's Attack increases during combat when any stack of friendly units dies (except resurrected creatures or creatures summoned on battlefield by magic).
The increase is proportional to the killed stack relative power in the army.
Footman, Squire, Horned Demon, Horned Overseer, Zombie, Plague Zombie, Treant, Ancient Treant, Stone Gargoyle, Obsidian Gargoyle, Hydra, Deep Hydra, Defender, Shieldguard, Bear Rider, Blackbear Rider, Vindicator, Warrior, Mauler, Horned Grunt, Foul Hydra, Savage Treant, Rot Zombie, Elemental Gargoyle, Mountain Guard, Whitebear Rider, Warmonger
Entangling RootsCreature's attack entangles enemy with its roots and immobilises it. Creature can immobilise several enemies simultaneously, but the effect only lasts while the creature remains in direct contact with its victims.Treant, Ancient Treant, Savage Treant
Evil-eyeAttacking the enemy, this creature decreases the target's Luck by -3.
The effect can be removed by Cleansing and Purge, but not by Lay Hands or the First Aid Tent.
Bloodeyed Cyclops
ExplosionCreature damages all creatures around itself, but not itself (activated ability).
Like a spell, damage dealt by Explosion depends on the effective Spell Power of the stack: Damage=9+9*Power.
Horned Overseer
Fear AttackThere's a chance the enemy attacked by this creature panics and tries to run to the edge of the arena to get as far away from the creature as possible, losing all initiative accumulated by this time. (Doesn't affect creatures immune to Mind-related spells).
The target's ATB value is reset to 0.
Hell Charger, Nightmare, Hell Stallion
Festering AuraThis creature decreases all its neighbors' Attack and Defense by -2 and their Morale by -1, regardless of who owns them. Undead creatures are immune to this effect.Rot Zombie
Fierce RetaliationThe creature inflicts once-and-a-half twice its normal damage in retaliation.Warmonger
Fire BreathDuring attack, creature damages not only the target but any other unit positioned directly behind it.Shadow Dragon, Black Dragon, Fire Dragon, Magma Dragon, Firehound, Red Dragon
Fire Proof 50%Attacking fire spells deals 50% less damage to this creature.Rune Priest
Fire ShieldWhen this creature is subjected to melee attack, its Fireshield inflicts a certain amount of damage to the attacker, regardless of whether it has counter-attack ability.
The attacker suffers 20% of the damage dealt to its target as elemental fire damage.
Fire Elemental, Phoenix, Fire Dragon
FlamestrikeOnce per combat this creature can attack any selected enemy on the field dealing it 20% more damage and subjecting it to "Mark of Fire" (activated ability).Flame Lord
FlamewaveAttacking an enemy, this creature has a chance to produce a fire wave dealing physical damage to all enemies in a random radius in the targeted direction.
The wave is a 5 tiles long cone, starting on the target tile and 9 tiles wide at its end. Each row receives less damage: with D as base damage, the n-th row damage is D/n, before applying the Attack/Defense modifiers.
Flame Lord
FlyerThis creature can move on to any free tile on the battlefield during its turn, regardless of the obstacles in the way.Griffin, Imperial Griffin, Angel, Archangel, Devil, Arch Devil, Ghost, Spectre, Vampire Lord, Bone Dragon, Spectral Dragon, Pixie, Sprite, Green Dragon, Emerald Dragon, Stone Gargoyle, Obsidian Gargoyle, Djinn, Djinn Sultan, Shadow Dragon, Black Dragon, Air Elemental, Phoenix, Thane, Flame Lord, Battle Griffin, Seraph, Manticore, Wyvern, Foul Wyvern, Arch Demon, Red Dragon, Dryad, Crystal Dragon, Poltergeist, Vampire Prince, Ghost Dragon, Elemental Gargoyle, Djinn Vizier, Thunder Thane, Paokai
Force ArrowThis creature's ranged attack ignores 50 percent of the target's Defense and has an extra chance to thrust the target back one tile and stun it.Arcane Archer
Frightful AuraAll enemies positioned on tiles adjacent to this creature get their morale reduced by -3 (doesn't affect creatures whose morale is always neutral).Nightmare, Executioner
Giant SlayerThis creature's Attack and Defense increase temporarily by +4, if the target is a Large Creature.Battlerager
Goblin ThrowerThis creature can use friendly Goblins from the neighboring stacks as missiles to throw them at the enemy (activated ability).
One (preferably uninjured) Goblin is taken from the targeted adjactent stack to be used as ammunition.
Untamed Cyclops, Bloodeyed Cyclops
Harm TouchWhen this creature attacks, it always kills one unit in any enemy detachment. It also dispells all positive magical effects currently affecting the target (activated ability).
The normal creature attack is unchanged. When Harm Touch is used instead, exactly one target creature is killed.
Harpoon StrikeThis creature can drag the target up one tile closer to it (activated ability).
The standard damage is dealt.
Hexing AttackAfter a successful attack, the target creature also suffers the effect of one of the following damnations: Weakness, Slow, Suffering and Vulnerability. All the effects are equal to those of Expert-level spells.Mummy, Earth Daughter
Hold GroundThis creature cannot be removed elsewhere by the enemy while it remains standing in its starting position in the combat.Mountain Guard
HowlOnce per battle, this creature can summon a friendly stack of equal power.
On its first attack, the stack automatically summons an exact same stack next to its target.
Immune to AirAir Magic spells cannot harm this creature.Stone Gargoyle, Obsidian Gargoyle, Air Elemental, Djinn Vizier, Thunder Thane
Immune to BlindThis creature cannot be blinded.Griffin, Imperial Griffin, Battle Griffin, Paokai
Immune to EarthEarth Magic spells cannot harm this creature.Emerald Dragon, Earth Elemental
Immune to FireFire Magic spells cannot harm this creature.Obsidian Gargoyle, Fire Elemental, Phoenix, Rune Patriarch, Flame Lord, Fire Dragon, Magma Dragon, Rune Keeper, Lava Dragon
Immune to FrenzyThis creature is immune to Frenzy spell.Paladin
Immune to MagicCreature is immune to all magical impact (including friendly spells).Black Dragon
Immune to Mind ControlThis creature is immune to mind-affecting spells.Colossus, Titan, Brawler, Berserker, Storm Titan, Battlerager
Immune to Puppet MasterThis creature is immune to Puppet Master spell.Succubus Seducer
Immune to SlowThis creature cannot be slowed down.Iron Golem, Steel Golem, Savage Treant
Immune to WaterWater Magic spells cannot harm this creature.Obsidian Gargoyle, Water Elemental
Immune to WeaknessThis creature is immune to Weakness spell.Blood Sister
IncinerateThis creature can fly up to attack the enemy on an adjacent tile, delivering 50 percent greater damage and suffering no retaliation.Red Dragon
IncorporealThis creature is incorporeal so any non-magical attack against it has only 50% chance of inflicting damage.
There can be at most 3 hits/misses in a row on all Incorporeal stacks, after which the fourth try will be forced to miss (after 3 hits) or hit (after 3 misses). This counter is global (for all stacks), not tied to each stack.
Ghost, Spectre, Poltergeist
InvisibilityOnce per combat, this creature can become invisible to the enemy for 3 turns. If the creature attacks anyone, has its path blocked by enemy units or stops on a tile adjacent to a hostile stack it will be disclosed. If an enemy movement is blocked by an invisible unit, the enemy stops and performs a melee attack. Enemies do not retaliate to the attacks of invisible creatures. No enemy spells or effects (except area ones) will affect an invisible creature (activated ability).Stalker, Shadow Mistress
JoustingCreature gets a 5% bonus to damage it inflicts during attack for each tile it covered on the battlefield before the attack.Cavalier, Paladin, Champion
Large CreatureThis creature is bigger than others and occupies four squares on the field.
This creature takes 2x2 squares on the battlefield.
Griffin, Imperial Griffin, Cavalier, Paladin, Angel, Archangel, Hell Charger, Nightmare, Pit Fiend, Pit Lord, Devil, Arch Devil, Lich, Archlich, Wight, Wraith, Bone Dragon, Spectral Dragon, Unicorn, Silver Unicorn, Treant, Ancient Treant, Green Dragon, Emerald Dragon, Djinn, Djinn Sultan, Rakshasa Rani, Rakshasa Raja, Colossus, Titan, Dark Raider, Grim Raider, Hydra, Deep Hydra, Shadow Dragon, Black Dragon, Death Knight, Phoenix, Bear Rider, Blackbear Rider, Thane, Flame Lord, Fire Dragon, Magma Dragon, Battle Griffin, Champion, Seraph, Manticore, Centaur, Centaur Nomad, Wyvern, Foul Wyvern, Cyclops, Untamed Cyclops, Hell Stallion, Pit Spawn, Arch Demon, Brisk Raider, Foul Hydra, Red Dragon, Pristine Unicorn, Savage Treant, Crystal Dragon, Lich Master, Banshee, Ghost Dragon, Djinn Vizier, Rakshasa Kshatra, Storm Titan, Whitebear Rider, Thunder Thane, Lava Dragon, Centaur Marauder, Paokai, Bloodeyed Cyclops
Large ShieldCreature receives only 50% of damage from all non-magical shooting attacks.Footman, Squire, Defender, Shieldguard, Vindicator, Skeleton Warrior, Mountain Guard
Lay HandsThe creature can completely heal one unit from the target friendly stack and dispel all negative magical effects from this stack.Paladin
LeapThis creature can leap on any enemy target, at great distance, getting a 10% attack bonus for every tile it goes over. After the leap, the demon lands on the tile next to the target, and is exposed to double damage bonus retaliation. The leap can't be longer than twice the Grunt's normal movement range, and it can't be shorter than two tiles (activated ability).Horned Grunt
Life DrainWhen attacking enemy units, this creature can drain their health and use it to restore its own, or even to resurrect some killed creatures.
Life drained is half the damage inflicted.
Vampire, Vampire Lord, Vampire Prince
Lightning BreathThis creature deals damage on all enemies that stand near its target, the damage dealt by such an attack is shared equally between the targets.Paokai
Liquid Flame BreathIn addition to its normal damage, this creature leaves a fire wall in the place where it has attacked its target.
The fire wall lasts for 2 turns, and deals 10 damage per turn per every Lava Dragon in the stack.
Lava Dragon
Lizard BitePerforms an attack against neighbouring enemy and inflicts half the regular damage, if this enemy is attacked by an allied creature.Grim Raider, Brisk Raider
Magic AttackCreature hits all creatures in the line of attack with its shot, including friendly ones.Mage, Archmage, Battle Mage
Magic-proof 25%Attacking spells inflict 25% less damage to this creature.Djinn, Skeleton Warrior
Magic-proof 50%Attacking spells inflict 50% less damage to this creature.Iron Golem, Djinn Sultan, Earth Elemental, Pit Spawn
Magic-proof 75%Attacking spells inflict 75% less damage to this creature.Steel Golem, Djinn Vizier
Magma ShieldWhen this creature undergoes a melee attack, the attacker suffers Fire damage, the amount depending on the attack's force.
The attacker suffers 40% of the damage dealt to its target as elemental fire damage.
Magma Dragon
MagnetismFinding itself under an area spell of Destruction Magic together with any friendly stacks, this creature assumes some of the damage that would normally go to the friendly units. Half of the damage absorbed is converted to heal points.(Doesn't apply to Armageddon spell).
The Magnetic Golems redirect 5% per weekly growth in their stack of the damage to themselves. The damage is then actually converted to healing by their Enchanted Armor ability.
Magnetic Golem
Mana DestroyerCreature destroys some of the enemy hero's mana at the beginning of combat. The amount of destroyed mana depends on the number of creatures.
0.25 Mana are destroyed per creature in the stack (rounded).
Mana DrainWhen attacking enemy units, this creature can drain their mana and use it to restore its own health, or even to resurrect some killed creatures.
Mana drained is equal to the number of Spectres in the stack, capped to the actual Mana amount of the target. Additionally, as many Spectres are resurrected as the Mana drained (ie. Life drained is up to 19*Mana drained).
Mana FeedCreature can transfer its reserve of mana to own hero (activated ability).Druid Elder
Mana StealerCreature takes some of the enemy hero's mana at the beginning of combat and transfers it to own hero. The amount of stolen mana depends on the number of creatures.
0.25 Mana are stolen per creature in the stack (rounded).
ManeuverSuffering melee damage, this creature tries to run off from the attacker to the nearest unblocked location within its movement range, shooting and dealing half its normal damage from there.Centaur, Centaur Nomad
Mark Of FireWhen attacking, this creature has a chance of damning the target, resulting in all Fire damage suffered by it being doubled within a certain period of time.
The target is damned for 2 turns.
Rune Priest, Rune Patriarch, Rune Keeper
MechanicalThis creature is not alive (like all Golems) and its morale is always neutral. It cannot be affected by Poison-, Blind- or Mind-related magic. These creatures cannot be resurrected or healed by First Aid Tent.Iron Golem, Steel Golem, Magnetic Golem
No Enemy RetaliationEnemies never retaliate after melee attacks by creatures with this ability.Cerberus, Vampire, Vampire Lord, Pixie, Sprite, Rakshasa Rani, Rakshasa Raja, Blood Fury, Hydra, Deep Hydra, Air Elemental, Firehound, Blood Sister, Foul Hydra, Dryad
No Melee PenaltyShooter has no penalty for damage inflicted during melee attack.Priest, Inquisitor, Titan, Scout, Assassin, Skirmisher, Zealot, Storm Titan, Centaur Marauder
No Range PenaltyShooter has no penalty for damage inflicted during ranged attack, provided the range is over half the arena.Mage, Archmage, Crossbowman, Arcane Archer, Battle Mage
Order of the ChiefThis creature can hasten the chosen friendly unit's turn, while dealing damage on them (activated ability).
With Stack_Size being the Chieftains' stack size: the targeted friendly stack suffers Stack_Size damage, and its ATB value is increased by Stack_Size*0.01, limited to 0.6. Note that the damage is not limited.
Pack HunterWhen this creature attacks a target, the target is also attacked by all the other stacks of creatures of the same type who are able to do so.
"Able to do so" means "adjacent to the target". These secondary attacks occur before the target's retaliation, if any.
Paw StrikeThis creature has a chance of pushing the target one tile aside and cancelling all Initiative the target has accumulated. The chance depends on the number of tiles this creature moved to attack.
If the target, once pushed aside, is not adjacent to its attacker, it will not retaliate. If adjacent, however, retaliation is still possible.
A Treant entangling enemy stacks can suffer the Initiative drop, but will not be pushed aside (the entangled stacks will remain entangled).
Blackbear Rider
Poisonous AttackIn addition to normal damage the enemy attacked will also be poisoned. Poisoning will cause a certain amount of damage during the next three turns.
Poison damage is proportional to the number of creatures in the attacking stack (at the time of poisoning). Multiplier is 1 for Assassins and 4 for Manticores.
Assassin, Manticore, Stalker
Precise ShotWhen shooting at close range (less than 3 tiles from target), creatures inflict heavier damage because the target's defense is not effective.Marksman
Prismatic BreathThis creature attacks all the targets within the random radius in the selected direction.
The Prismatic Breath will hit 1 to 5 tiles, starting at the target and spreading in a random direction behind it. The number of tiles hit depends on the creature's Luck: 1+(random(1;10)+Luck)/2, rounded down and limited to 5.
Crystal Dragon
PurgeThis creature has a certain chance to remove a positive effect from an enemy it attacks.Zealot
Rage of the forestThis creature can increase its Attack at the expense of its Defense, taking half the points of the latter and adding them to the former, which lasts until the end of the combat, and gains an extra bonus to its Initiative. Doing so, Treants lose the abilty to entangle enemies (activated ability).
The bonus to Initiative is +5.
Savage Treant
Raging BloodThis creature has a mix of demon and human blood that makes it subject to "Blood Rage" temporarily improving it's battle characteristics for aggressive behavior in combat.Goblin, Goblin Trapper, Centaur, Centaur Nomad, Warrior, Mauler, Shaman, Sky Daughter, Slayer, Executioner, Cyclops, Untamed Cyclops, Goblin Witch-Doctor, Centaur Marauder, Warmonger, Earth Daughter, Chieftain, Bloodeyed Cyclops
Random BlessingThis creature can cast a random Blessing or Curse at the selected target. Spells can be cast at both friendly (positive effect spells) and enemy (negative effect spells) creatures (activated ability).Djinn Sultan
Random CurseThis creature can cast a random Curse spell at the selected target (activated ability).
Spells are cast with advanced mastery. Djinns cast only level 1-3 Dark Magic curses on enemy troops. Djinn Sultans cast level 1-3 Light Magic blessings on friendly troops as well. Each stack can use 3 such actions.
Range PenaltyShooter always inflicts only half the normal damage to the target but doesn't incur any penalty on melee attack.Scout, Assassin, Untamed Cyclops, Bloodeyed Cyclops
Ranged RetaliationCreature retaliates after enemy ranged attack with its own ranged attack, provided it is not blocked by enemy and has not used up all its retaliation attacks.Succubus, Succubus Mistress, Succubus Seducer
RebirthOnce during the combat this creature can rise from the dead if killed. The number of revived creatures equals the number of killed ones.Phoenix
RegenerationThis creature restores its health by 30-50 hit points each turn.Deep Hydra, Wyvern, Foul Wyvern
RepairThis creature can repair friendly mechanical creatures (Golems) and war machines once per combat (activated ability).
Repaired hit points are equal to 5 times the number of creatures in the repairing stack.
Master Gremlin
Resurrect AlliesCreature can resurrect killed allied detachment once during combat, provided the location where the detachment was killed is not occupied by other creatures (activated ability).Archangel
Rider ChargeFor each battlefield tile covered by this creature during attack, the target's Defense is reduced by 20% (all the way down to zero).Dark Raider, Grim Raider
Rush DiveOnce per combat this creature can perform an air attack against all the enemies in a line in the selected direction (activated ability).
This ability is only available if the stack of Battle Griffins contains at least one weekly growth (5) of creatures. When activated, the stack takes off and disappears from the battlefield for 1 turn, before performing the attack on all targets without any retaliation. Each target suffers 75% of the Battle Griffins normal damage.
Battle Griffin
SabotageThis creature can switch off any Mechanical enemy for one turn, if the target's Hit Points are lower than its own (activated ability).
Mechanical targets include Golems, Ammo Cart, Ballista, First Aid Tent, Catapult and Town Towers.
Gremlin Saboteur
Sacrifice GoblinThis creature can sacrifice neighboring Goblins to gain mana and increase its Attack, Defense and Morale by 1 point until the end of combat for every oblation (the total bonus is limited to 5 points). The amount of gained mana is equal to twice the hit points of the sacrificed goblin. Activated ability.
One (preferably uninjured) Goblin is sacrificed from the targeted adjacent stack. The creature's Mana can exceed its maximum.
Sky Daughter, Earth Daughter
Scatter ShotArea-effect shooting: damage is inflicted to all targets (including friendly creatures) located within the selected area (3 by 3 tiles). The amount of damage inflicted to each creature is half the damage of a normal shot (activated ability).Archer
ScavengerThis creature can restore its health and even their numbers by devouring the enemy corpses lying on the battlefield within its movement range (activated ability).
Health gained is equal to 20% of the dead stack's Hit Points.
Searing AuraOnce an enemy creature that is within 1 tile range from this creature takes its turn, it suffers fire damage in proportion with the number of creatures who have this ability.
At the beginning of its turn, any enemy creature adjacent to the Hell Stallions suffers 10 points of Fire damage per Hell Stallion in the stack.
Hell Stallion
SeductionOnce per combat the Succubus is able to gain control over any enemy creature that is not immune to Mind Control. The ability's duration depends on the difference in power between the Seducers and their victims, ranging from 4 turns (target is four times as weak as the Succubi) to the point where it can't be used (target is four times as strong as the Succubi). The Succubus' initiative ATB value does not increase for the time of the effect's duration. Activated ability.
The duration is equal to 2+log2(Succubus_Power/Target_Power), where log2 is the base 2 logarithm. Succubi cannot be seduced. The effect disappears if the seducing stack is killed. It can be removed by Cleansing, Lay Hands and Purge, but not by the First Aid Tent.
Succubus Seducer
Set SnaresThis creature can set a snare, invisible to the enemy, on the battlefield. When an enemy falls into the snare, it has a chance to lose some of its original movement range or even come to a halt. If the snare misfires, the Initiative of the creature that has set it will be zeroed (activated ability).Goblin Trapper
Shield AlliesAll friendly creatures located on neighbouring tiles get only 50% of damage from non-magical shooting attacks.Squire, Skeleton Warrior
Shield WallDamage suffered by this creature from enemy attack is reduced by 10% for every tile the attacker walked to hit.
The maximal reduction is 90%.
ShooterThis creature can inflict damage remotely. When distance to target is longer than half the arena, the target suffers only half the normal damage. Shooter cannot use ranged attack when blocked by enemy creature. If there's no Ammo Cart in the army, the number of shots is limited by available ammo.Archer, Marksman, Priest, Inquisitor, Succubus, Succubus Mistress, Skeleton Archer, Lich, Archlich, Hunter, Master Hunter, Druid, Druid Elder, Gremlin, Master Gremlin, Mage, Archmage, Titan, Scout, Assassin, Shadow Witch, Shadow Matriarch, Fire Elemental, Spearwielder, Skirmisher, Rune Priest, Rune Patriarch, Crossbowman, Zealot, Centaur, Centaur Nomad, Succubus Seducer, Arcane Archer, High Druid, Lich Master, Gremlin Saboteur, Battle Mage, Storm Titan, Harpooner, Rune Keeper, Centaur Marauder
Siphon ManaThis creature can steal mana from enemy heroes and give it to friendly creatures (activated ability).
0.125 Mana is drained per creature in the stack. The mana is distributed equally among friendly casters.
Six-headed attackCreature attacks all adjacent tiles simultaneously, causing damage to all enemy creatures positioned there.Deep Hydra, Foul Hydra
Sorrow StrikeWhen this creature attacks an enemy, the spell Despair Sorrow (Basic level) is automatically cast on the target.Ghost Dragon
Spray AttackCreature simultaneously attacks three adjacent tiles occupied by the enemy.Pixie, Sprite, Dryad
Steal AmmunitionOnce per combat, this creature can steal some ammo from the enemy stacks within its movement range (activated ability).
The number of ammunitions stolen is equal to the size of the stealing stack divided by its weekly growth.
Storm BoltOnce per battle, this creature can attack any chosen target with Storm Strike (activated ability).Thunder Thane
Storm StrikeBesides usual damage, this creature strikes the target with lightning (non-magical damage), which then hits another enemy creature if one is standing near the target, continuing on in this way until the chain is broken. The lighting's force is equal to that of the attack.Thane, Thunder Thane
StormcallerThis creature can create a local thundercloud in the selected area of the field. All units in this area take some electrical damage every turn. Shooters also get a penalty to their ranged attacks. The damage and the penalty depend on the number of creatures that created this thundercloud (activated ability).
The thundercloud is a 3x3 area and lasts for 3 turns. The damage is equal to 10*Stack_Size every turn, and the shooting penalty is Stack_Size*1%, with a maximum of 90%.
Storm Titan
Strike and ReturnCreature attacks and returns to its previous position.Blood Maiden, Blood Fury, Blood Sister
Summon Pit LordsOnce during the combat creature can summon Pit Lords to replace its killed friends. Number of Pit Lords summoned depends on the number of creatures who use this ability (activated ability).
Provided the dead stack had enough hit points (120 per summoned Pit Lord), up to 2 Pit Lords are summoned for each Archdevil.
Arch Devil
Swallow GoblinThis creature can restore its health by eating a Goblin from a stack in its neighborhood (activated ability).
One (preferably uninjured) Goblin is eaten from the targeted adjactent stack to restore the Cyclops to full health (without resurrection).
Cyclops, Untamed Cyclops, Bloodeyed Cyclops
Swift AttackThis creature can't be counterattacked by the enemies who are under the effect of Slow spell.Earth Daughter
SymbiosisOnce per combat, this creature can heal and resurrect Treants, or be healed by them (activated ability).
The target stack receives 4 Hit Points per Dryad, and the Dryad stack is healed by 20 Hit Points per target in return.
Take RootsWhen the creature receives the Wait\Defend command, it gets 50% bonus to Defense plus ability to retaliate after all enemy attacks until the next turn.
If the hero has the Stand Your Ground ability, the Take Roots bonus is doubled to a +100% Defense increase.
Ancient Treant
TauntThis creature has a chance of distracting the enemy's melee attack, directed initially against another friendly stack in its neighborhood, to itself.Warmonger
TaxpayerEvery day the hero gets as many units of gold as there are creatures with this ability in all their armies and castles.Peasant, Conscript, Brute
Teleport OtherThe Arch Demon can target any creature stack that is within it's movement range, regardless of who owns it, and teleport them to the unoccupied tile that is the closest possible to himself (activated ability).Arch Demon
Three-headed AttackThe creature can attack simultaneously all enemy creatures standing on three adjacent cells.
The Cerberus and Firehound attack 3 adjacent tiles. The Hydra attacks 6 adjacents tiles.
Cerberus, Hydra, Firehound
TorporThis creature has a chance to put an enemy into deep slumber by its attack. The sleeping enemy is not able to move or attack until it wakes up or it is attacked. Moreover, it gets maximal damage from the Vampire Prince's attack and it does not retaliate to the attack that wakes it up. This ability will not work on Undead, Mechanical or Elemental creatures.
The target is put to sleep for 3 turns. The effect can be removed by Cleansing, Lay Hands, Purge and the First Aid Tent.
Vampire Prince
TreacheryWhen the number of these creatures falls below 30 percent of their original numbers, they change sides.
A stack can only betray once per combat, and stays with its new master after the combat (if not killed).
UndeadThis creature is not alive (like all other Necropolis creatures) and its morale is always neutral. It cannot be affected by Poison-, Blind- or Mind-related magic.Skeleton, Skeleton Archer, Zombie, Plague Zombie, Ghost, Spectre, Vampire, Vampire Lord, Lich, Archlich, Wight, Wraith, Bone Dragon, Spectral Dragon, Death Knight, Mummy, Skeleton Warrior, Rot Zombie, Poltergeist, Vampire Prince, Lich Master, Banshee, Ghost Dragon
Unlimited RetaliationCreature always retaliates after melee attacks by enemies except when attacked by creatures with No Enemy Retaliation ability.Griffin, Imperial Griffin, Steel Golem, Earth Elemental, Battle Griffin
VenomAttacking the enemy, this creature poisons it. The venom's effect lasts for three more turns, dealing damage on the target on each of its turns.
The damage per turn is equal to 5*Stack_Size, with Stack_Size being the Foul Wyverns' stack size at the time of poisoning. The poison effect can be removed by Lay Hands and the First Aid Tent, but not by Cleansing or Purge.
Foul Wyvern
Vorpal SwordEach attack or counter-attack by this creature is guaranteed to kill at least one unit in the enemy army.
Exactly one more creature is killed (damage is increased by the target's Hit Points).
Pit Lord
War Dance ComboCreature simultaneously attacks enemies located on all eight adjacent tiles. The targeted enemy gets normal damage, all others affected get half the normal damage.War Dancer
Warding ArrowsThis creature shoots charmed arrows: in addition to normal damage, there's a chance they might stun the enemy and delay their turn.
When stunned, the target gets its ATB value reduced by 0.2.
Master Hunter
Weakening StrikeWith each successful attack, the attacked enemy's Attack and Defense properties are reduced by 2 units (cannot get below zero).Plague Zombie
Wheel of FortuneThree times per combat, this creature can randomly increase the Luck value of a chosen friendly stack or decrease it on a chosen enemy stack (activated ability).
The Luck buff (or debuff) is a random value between 1 and 3. The effect is not cumulative, and opposite effects additionally dispel each other. The effect can be removed by Cleansing and Purge, but not by Lay Hands or the First Aid Tent.
Djinn Vizier
Wheeling AttackOn its way to its main target, this creature attacks all enemy stacks adjacent to its route, delivering 25% of its normal damage to them without suffering retaliation.Brisk Raider
Whip StrikeThere's a certain chance that during a melee attack this creature will use one of the following spells, in addition to inflicting regular damage: Slow, Weakness or Frenzy. (The spell does not work on undead, elemental and mechanical units.)
The spell is cast with spell power 3.
Shadow Matriarch, Shadow Mistress
WhirlwindAttacking an enemy, this creature always attacks a 6-tile area (the half of its adjacent tiles in front of it), delivering damage to all who are within it.Rakshasa Kshatra
This information comes from the Heroes V release version (v3.0).

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