Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Castle

Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Castle

Castle Rating

I. Creatures - excellent mix of power, range, and mobility; average over-all cost; good growth rates (Marksmen, Griffins); plenty of specials that add raw strength; good for siege combat
+ troops: Halberdiers/Crusaders excellent for guarding ranged troops; Marksmen get two shots per round; Griffins are tough, fast, plentiful, and can retaliate almost every attack; ArchAngels cast ressurect better than most heroes can

- troops: at 30hp, Zealots are a bit too weak for a lvl 5 troop even with the no hand-to-hand penalty

Important upgrades: Archers, Griffins, Swordsmen, Monks, Angels

rating: 9
II. Special buildings- weak; Shipyard/Lighthouse/Brotherhood have limited use; Stables provide good mobility for a given week
rating: 5
III. Magic - level 4 Mage Guild; spell restrictions: Armageddon, Animate Dead, Bloodlust, Curse, Death Ripple
rating: 7
IV. Grail building- +2 morale to all allied heroes; considering most Castle heroes start out with Leadership, that morale boost seems redundant. So, barring some special circumstances (like hiring heroes of different classes or mixing troops from different towns), the Castle grail bonus is pretty useless
rating: 6
V. Heroes - Knight: good fighter who has a chance to become a good mage as well; the best leader with some cool specials (Archery, Estates)
rating: 8
Cleric - average spell caster with some really useful specials (Bless, Weakness, Prayer); has the capacity to become a sufficient fighter, as well
rating: 7
VI. Resource requirements - pretty low up to the 6th and 7th levels; the upgrades cost as much as the initial buildings; some building dependencies
rating: 7
VII. Best opponent- Necropolis: no more weak peasants for the Skeletons to sharpen their blades on
Fortress: hordes of Marksmen shielded by hordes of Halberdiers, Crusaders, and Royal Griffins spell death even for the powerful, but slow-moving Fortress armies
VIII. Worst foe - the Castle is so well-balanced it matches well against any other town.

IX. Final grade: 7

Thanks to The Nether Gods team - the author of this rating is Maneater. Creature art by Valera.