Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Dungeon

Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Dungeon

Dungeon Rating

I. Creatures - excellent balance; best mobility; average over-all cost; tons of useful specials; good for siege combat
+ troops: Evil Eyes/Medusas are a deadly combo; Minotaur Kings, simply put, kick @$$; a "ranged", no retaliation flyer; B. Dragons are still worth the cost

- troops: Scorpicores a bit on the whimpy side for their level; Medusa Queens get only 8 shots; B. Dragons are the only unit in the game which cannot be salvaged

important upgrades: Harpies, Medusas, Red Dragons

rating: 9
II. Special buildings - excellent; the Academy is very useful early on, while the Mana Vortex is throughout; the Artifact Merchant and the Portal of Summoning could be the deciding factors in a close game
rating: 9
III. Magic - level 5 Mage Guild; spell restrictions: Air Elemental, Animate Dead, Death Ripple, Prayer
rating: 10
IV. Grail building - +12 power to any defending hero; a garrison made up of B. Dragons and a mage with Armageddon are the perfect town defense
rating: 7
V. Heroes - Overlord: very similar to a Knight in abilities; useful specials include Logistics and $350/day
rating: 8
Warlock: strongest spell caster; weakest fighter; very good specials (Ressurect, M. Shower, Sorcery, Stone Skin)
rating: 9
VI. Resource requirements - lots of ore, sulfur, and gold; some building dependencies
rating: 6
VII. Best opponent - Fortress: faced with such ranged fire power, the Fortress troops cannot afford a gradual advance; the Wyvern/Serpent Fly will die under the Minotaur's axe before the rest can get into hand-to-hand range

VIII. Worst foe- the Dungeon matches up well against any town

IX. Final grade: 8.3

Thanks to The Nether Gods team - the author of this rating is Maneater. Creature art by Valera.