Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Inferno

Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Inferno

Inferno Rating

I. Creatures - powerful and fast hand-to-hand combatants; above-average over-all cost; specials include no retaliation attacks, auto fire shield, splash damage, ressurection, and more!; but even with all of that, this army is ill-suited for siege combat
+ troops: Cerberi are fast and can do massive damage to numerous enemies at once without getting hurt in return; Pit Lords are nearly as powerful as Minotaurs, but get a form of ressurect spell to compensate; Efreeti are the Inferno's faster and more powerful version of the Royal Griffin; Devils are the second-fastest unit in the game with a no-retaliation special to boot

- troops: Familiars fall to the bottom of the food chain; Magogs are not very impressive ranged troops and can even be a liability at times; Cerberi could use another growth building; Demons are inferior to all other lvl 4 troops

important upgrades: Imps, Hell Hounds, Efreeti

rating: 7
II. Special buildings - ok; the Brimstone Clouds can be useful in town defense; the Castle Gate is only useful if you happen to have more than one Inferno town; the Order of Fire is good for beefing up your heroes
rating: 6
III. Magic - level 5 Mage Guild; spell restrictions: Air Elemental, Animate Dead, Bless (that's a spell the Inferno can really use), Death Ripple, Frost Ring, Ice Bolt, Magic Mirror, Prayer, Water Elemental
rating: 8
IV. Grail building - every week is Imp week; this can be a really bad thing, if your opponent owns more Inferno towns than you do.
rating: 8
V. Heroes - Demoniac: a balanced might hero, who has the tendency to become a good spellcaster; useful specials include 350 gold/day and plenty of creature specialties
rating: 7
Heretic: also a very balanced, which means they don't excell in anything, either; Sorcery, Intelligence, and Bloodlust specials are good
rating: 7
VI. Resource requirements - lots of gold and mercury, especially at the end; this is one of the primary strengths of the Inferno, all units up to lvl 6 are very easy to build; this town will dominate on a resource-scarce map; some building dependencies
rating: 9
VII. Best opponent - Tower: Inferno has units that can get accross the map in a flash to tie up all those ranged Wizard troops, and aside from the Titan and the Naga Queen, Tower armies are no match in hand-to-hand to the Inferno

VIII. Worst foe - Castle: this is a mismatch as the Castle outclasses the Inferno on every level, except, may be, lvls 3 and 5; plus, Castle armies can easily counter the Inferno strengths

IX. Final grade: 7.4

Thanks to The Nether Gods team - the author of this rating is Maneater. Creature art by Valera.