Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Rampart

Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Rampart

Rampart Rating

I. Creatures - good mobility, hit points, and damage; below-average over-all cost; good growth rates (Dwarves, Pegasi, Dendroids); great specials, which make this army a nightmare for enemy spellcasters; adequate for siege combat
+ troops: Centaur Captains make great support units; Battle Dwarves and Dendroids are excellent for protecting your archers; Grand Elves are one of the best ranged units, regardless of level; Pegasi are perfect for tying up enemy archers; War Unicorns are cheap and efficient

- troops: Elves are too fragile; Dendroids are very slow; Gold Dragons are Implosion food

important upgrades: Elves, Pegasi, Dendroid Guards, Unicorns, Green Dragons

rating: 8
II. Special buildings - good; very economy-oriented, which makes this town perfect for resource-stingy maps
rating: 7
III. Magic - level 5 Mage Guild; spell restrictions: Air Elemental, Animate Dead, Armageddon, Bloodlust, Curse, Death, Ripple, Fire Elemental
rating: 9
IV. Grail building - +2 to luck for all allied heroes; this is useful in a way that it saves you a valuable secondary skill slot
rating: 7
V. Heroes - Ranger: a great fighter with a potential to become a decent mage; very versatile specials (Armorer, Resistance, Logistics, 350 gold/day, creatures) make it easy for this class to counter almost any strategy
rating: 9
Druid: a decent spellcaster with some good specials like Intelligence and Ice Bolt
rating: 6
VI. Resource requirements - lots of wood and tons of ore and crystal at the end; this town is faced with the decision of economy or dwellings early on because of the initial wood requirements, however, you can survive the early going with centaurs, elves, and pegasi; some building dependencies
rating: 7
VII. Best opponent - Fortress: Rampart armies will take advantage of the slow-moving Fortress troops; Dragon Flies and Wyverns won't last very long trying to tie up stacks of Grand Elves, which will shoot anything down from a close range; the Rampart matches up well with the Fortress level for level so hand-to-hand (the Fortress' strength) will not be a problem

VIII. Worst foe - Stronghold: the Rampart is outclassed in the range department, so it's forced to advance; however, Stronghold archers are pretty tough and can take the initial attack of Dragons and Pegasi and still be well off; the ground troops are very well suited for handling things at close range, so the Rampart fliers will be in trouble until the support troops can arrive; since Dwarves and Dendroids are pretty much taken out of the equation due to speed constraints, the Rampart loses valuable firepower and will bow out to superior numbers

IX. Final grade: 7.6

Thanks to The Nether Gods team - the author of this rating is Maneater. Creature art by Valera.