Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Tower

Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Tower

Tower Rating

I. Creatures - best range; good hit point ratings, but somewhat slow; above-average over-all cost; good growth rates (Gremlins, Gargoyles); excellent specials like no hand-to-hand penalties, no retaliation, spell casting, magic resistance, and more!; very good for siege combat
+ troops: Master Gremlins are the only 1st level ranged unit; Golems are extremely tough and resist offensive magic; Master Genies, basically, let you cast two spells per turn; Naga Queens rival Dread Knights for the top level 6 unit honors; Titans live up to their namesake

- troops: Gremlins/Golems are awfully slow; Genies are fragile in comparison to other level 5 units; Nagas/Titans, as great as they are, also cost an arm and a leg

important upgrades: Gremlins, Golems, Genies, Nagas, Giants

rating: 9
II. Special buildings - excellent; the Artifact Merchant sells some rare artifacts; the Library gives you an extra spell per Mage Guild level (5 extra spells!); the Lookout Tower is very useful if you're not familiar with the map, but it needs to be built right away in order to be useful; the Wall of Knowledge strengthens your heroes
rating: 9
III. Magic - level 5 Mage Guild (+5 extra spells); spell restrictions: Animate Dead, Armageddon, Bloodlust, Death Ripple
rating: 10
IV. Grail building - +15 to knowledge; this is useful if the battle is long and/or your hero casts many expensive spells over the course of the battle; however, the Skyship does reveal the entire map.
rating: 9
V. Heroes - Wizard: as the name suggests, this is primarily a spellcasting class; useful specials include 350 gold/day and Chain Lightning
rating: 7
Alchemist: this class is very well-balanced, but it excells at nothing in particular; heroes of this class specialize in various disciplines such as Armorer and Crystal mining (check for others)
rating: 7
VI. Resource requirements - lots of everything, especially gems and gold; this town is, by far, the toughest to build up; dwelling upgrades are often more expensive than the basic structures; many building dependencies
rating: 5
VII. Best opponent - Necropolis: Vampire Lord regeneration special is useless against Gargoyles and Golems; Ghost Dragons have a choice to make at the start of the battle: tie up the hordes of Master Gremlins, engage the stack of Arch Magi, or try to neutralize the heavy-hitting Titans; in any event, at least two ranged stacks will get a free hit during the first round; also, Tower troops have higher hp ratings and deal more damage

VIII. Worst foe - Dungeon: the perpetual argument of which is better, Black Dragons or Titans, is once more; in my honest opinion, they are now more even than ever, but the Dragon's supporting cast wins the day this time around; the Tower's archers can be easily and effectively tied up by Dungeon troops, while the opposite is far from true; that means more free hits for the Dungeon; also, the Tower has no unit which can counter the savage Minotaur Kings; the Dungeon's superior speed and over-all strength will give wizards fits

IX. Final grade: 8.0

Thanks to The Nether Gods team - the author of this rating is Maneater. Creature art by Valera.