Upon liberating Steadwick, my fears were confirmed. My father did not die of natural causes. He was poisoned. Investigations conducted by General Morgan Kendal prior to the war yielded no suspects. Now I learn the necromancers, seeking a military tactician equal to myself, have resurrected King Gryphonheart. After killing King Vilmar, he took command of the military and their throne. Now they come to us. They cannot stop the monster they created. As a gesture of good faith they send a messenger to speak with only to me. He will tell me who killed my father. Find this hero, and deliver him to me safely.


I grow weary of this war. So do the necromancers. We have agreed to co-operate in the destruction of King Gryphonheart. I never thought I would fight alongside the necromancers but today we forge weapons for both our armies. With their help, along with the forces from Bracada and AvLee, we should be able to repel all undead from Erathia.


What remains of my father's undead army is the Necropolis where he resides. His last legions of undead are significant. I will join you in this battle, but you will command the field. There is one more order you must follow without question. Lord Haart must not die. He is our traitor. We have confirmed the information the necromancers gave to us. Lord Haart was part of King Vilmar's necromanctic cult. With Lord Haart's access to Steadwick, poisoning King Gryphonheart's food was a simple task. Acting on orders from King Vilmar, he sought to avenge the banishment of the necromancers from Erathia. I have special plans for Lord Haart.

Thanks to The Nether Gods team - the writer of this campaign walkthrough is Maneater.