Our spies tell us that the tomb of King Gryphonheart is located in the town of Stonecastle, near Erathia's northern border, in a place that was clear of the war with Nighon and Eeofol. Seek this place out and capture it so that we may animate the body of the King. You must also seek out the Spirit of Oppression and bring it to Stonecastle, as it is one of the items we need for the ritual to animate the King's body. But you must act quickly - the body will be of no use to us if its spirit departs.


To truly catch Erathia by surprise, we must attack within 3 months. However, our forces are not nearly strong enough for a full scale attack. We need you to harvest the creatures along the Erathian border, raising enough undead to allow us to launch our campaign. As before, you must move quickly. We must have the element of surprise when we attack Erathia, so we can not delay more than three months. In that time you must supply us with at least 2500 skeletons. If you fail, we will have no chance against Erathia. Do Not Fail.


You receive a letter from the Lich King Gryphonheart. "Commander: It would seem as though one of my generals, a Death Knight by the name of Mot, does not wish to follow my orders, and believes that we should not attack Erathia. This is fine, as we do not need him for our plans. We do, however, need his armies, and I can not allow his disobedience to go unpunished. Your task is to find Mot and slay him. He will then be raised and made to serve as a minion in your own army. Succeed in this task and you shall replace him as my new general". Even gazing at the signature of the undead King sends a cold chill through you. You quickly pen a response, stating simply, "It shall be done." You must not let Mot defeat you.


Erathia's military lies before us. It is time to make a bold strike. King Gryphonheart has trained their generals and knows their tactics. Morale will decide this battle. Morale is not a factor for the undead. Once we fill our ranks with their dead our horde will grow and their morale will falter. Then we will swarm over them. Soon King Gryphonheart will rule Erathia once again.

Thanks to The Nether Gods team - the writer of this campaign walkthrough is Maneater.