As you foresaw milord, King Gryphonheart's death brings many opportunities for your mercenary skills. A messenger from Tatalia, on behalf of King Tralossk, has contacted us. Twenty years ago, following numerous border skirmishes along the western shore of Erathia, Tatalia signed an agreement to cease hostillities. King Gryphonheart is dead. Their agreement has died with him. Agressive tactics have never been part of Tatalia's military character. Their ranks are vast, and once they possess Erathian land, they will hold it. However, they need generals to guide their heroes to expand their borders and accomodate their growing population.


Your abilities have been brought to the attention of the barbarian nation of Krewlod. Their skirmishes with the Erathian military on their eastern border are legendary. Many credit them for hardening Erathian Soldiers. Recently, a border raid resulted in victory, and uncharacteristically, a large number of prisoners. Upon interrogation, their suspisions were confirmed. Without King Gryphonheart, Erathia has lost its soul. Your goal is to quickly plunder the Erathian land within Krewlod's reach. Once they have the resources they need...war will be discussed. Until then, your independant participation is needed. Should you be captured, Krewlod will claim you were an over zealous clan leader, acting outside the interests of the nation.


Representatives from both Tatalia and Krewlod seek your services... again. Both nations claim the last strip of Erathian land between their countries. Few Erathian castles remain in the area. They are nothing more than token resistance. The most ferocious battles will occur between Tatalia and Krewlod. Ironically, this land has little value. This is a border war. Tatalia seeks to further extend its reach from the lowlands to the hills. Krewlod wants to halt Tatalia's march before it reaches their northern border. No matter which side you fight for, the other will perceive you as a traitor. Choose wisely. Choose the winning side. Your life depends upon it.

Thanks to The Nether Gods team - the writer of this campaign walkthrough is Maneater.