Early intelligence reports that forces from Nighon and Eeofol have barricaded themselves inside the Steadwick Valley. With all land access blocked, they must be receiving supplies through underground tunnels. You will either need to find the passage they are using to enter the valley or find a way over the mountains. The good news is that we have the assistance of Bracada, and if we can reach them, AvLee as well. There is little else to say. We do not stop until Steadwick is liberated.


My name is Dorrell, ambassador from AvLee. I bring a message from Queen Catherine. After the liberation of Steadwick, a Kreegan envoy appeared before the royal court. He claims they have captive, King Roland Ironfist of Enroth. They are asking for one million gold ransom. We cannot validate this claim. True or not Queen Catherine is unwilling to pay. After interrogating the envoy, we learned Roland is held deep inside Eeofol by Clan Kreelah. Locate Clan Kreelah's base of operations and rescue Roland. In addition to your Erathian army we will support you from AvLee. This mission is of utmost seriousness. You may rescue Roland, or find yourself the vicim of a trap.


For months, Tatalia and Krewlod have fought with Erathia and with each other in a series of border disputes. Normally, the Wizards of Bracada would be content to remain out of any fighting, but with all that Erathia has been through recently, they have chosen to assist us. The Wizards have set up a modest outpost on the shared Erathian/ Tatalia/ Krewlod border. Forces from our own military have been sent to the area to join them. Between us, we should be able to not only stop the fighting between Tatalia and Krewlod, but to re-establish the Erathian border as well. Strike quickly, and eliminate all opposition in the area. We must teach our neighbors that it was unwise for them to think they could take advantage of a weakened Erathia.


The Dungeon Overlords are clever. While the devils of Eeofol attacked Erathia's borders, the forces of Nighon tunneled nearly the entire distance to Steadwick, launching surprise attacks almost simutaneously across the nation. We should credit the Royal Erathian Military Command for holding the invasion to just the eastern half of Erathia. Regardless, we now have the Dungeon Overlords on the run. Your job is to pursue them back under the Nighon Straits and establish a foothold in THEIR home. Forces from AvLee and Bracada will assist us in this final push. No Nighon or Eeofol outposts can be permitted to survive in the tunnels. We must teach the Dungeon Overlords a lesson they will never forget.

Thanks to The Nether Gods team - the writer of this campaign walkthrough is Maneater.