A Pirate's Daughter Heroes 4 Campaign

Scenario 2 - Bloody Cove

Map Difficulty: Advanced.
Map Size: Large, no underground.
Victory Condition: Defeat Captain Swift.
Loss Condition: Lose Tawni Balfour or Pete Girly.
Carryover: Tawni Balfour and Pete Girly and all of their spells, skills, and experience will transfer to the next map along with the Steadfast Shield. All of your heroes have a maximum level of 18.

After Captain Swift killed my father, I often thought of the day when we would meet. I'd smile, clap my hand on his shoulder, and offer to buy him a drink. We'd tell stories about our greatest battles, and I would convince him to tell me about the day he bested Black Balfour. Oh! Things never happen the way you picture them.

Within minutes, Tawni's new shipyards are reduced to burning lumber by a sneak attack. Her fleet is crippled. Even her flagship, the Feral Vixen, is no longer seaworthy. Tawni soon learns the same pirate who killed her father orchestrated the attack to keep her from controlling the Strait of Storms. So, Tawni sets out to find Captain Swift's legendary hideout, Bloody Cove, for a little retribution.