A Pirate's Daughter Heroes 4 Campaign

Scenario 4 - Bay of Maids

Map Difficulty: Expert.
Map Size: Large, with underground.
Victory Condition: Defeat Pete Girly.
Loss Condition: Lose Tawni Balfour or Cyrca.
Carryover: Tawni Balfour, Cyrca with all of their spells, skills, and experience will transfer to the next map along with the Giant Slayer Sword. All of your heroes have a maximum level of 28.

Vengeance is a pure emotion, no matter what those self-righteous priests say. If someone wrongs you, and you just turn the other cheek, that hatred sits in the bottom of your stomach like an infection. Soon, it begins to rot and stink, and then gangrene sets in. Now, if you put a knife in the back of the source of your hatred, that's like cleaning the wound.

Tawni sets out to conquer the Bay of Maids, where an extensive forest would supply plenty of resources to build her southern fleet. But one of her trusted commanders betrays her. First Male Pete Girly takes over Rumport and sails south with her own ships, determined to kill Tawni and her supporters when they are at their weakest.