A Pirate's Daughter Heroes 4 Campaign

Scenario 3 - The Strait of the Lost

Map Difficulty: Advanced.
Map Size: Large, with underground.
Victory Condition: Build the Eye of Chaos in Rumport.
Loss Condition: Lose Tawni Balfour, Pete Girly or the town Rumport.
Carryover: Tawni Balfour, Pete Girly and Cyrca and all of their spells, skills, and experience will transfer to the next map along with the Giant Slayer Sword. All of your heroes have a maximum level of 23.

Honor among thieves? Hah! Any thief who invokes such rubbish is a hypocrite! The instant they have the opportunity to stab their best friend in the back, you know they won't even hesitate. A pirate, on the other hand, lives by a different motto. "The last one standing gets the gold."

The Strait of the Lost has earned its name. This region is swarming with pirates, and the sea itself has been known to swallow ships. Someone, or some thing, is terrorizing this waterway. Tawni must find out who and destroy them if she is ever going to gain Mastery over the Gold Sea.