Stronghold: Blood Rage

Orcs have been created by experimenting with demon blood, in order to obtain stronger and fiercer soldiers. This demonic inheritance still manifests itself by Orcs building up their rage in combat, and unlocking bonuses at various stages of rage.

Orcs creatures (except Wyverns, Foul Wyverns and Paokais) have a Rage counter in combat, usually starting at 0, and gain Rage Points when performing various actions. They can also lose Rage Points when waiting or defending, or being taken control over. Gaining Rage Points, they can attain 3 Rage Levels that will unlock bonuses for the stack. The bonuses depend on the creature, as listed in the table below.

Rage Levels:

Of course, only Barbarian heroes are able to usefully channel the rage of their troops, and even they will need to advance in their Blood Rage racial skill to allow the bonuses to trigger. Barbarians can also use Warcries to increase their troops' Rage Points.

Rage Points have the additional use of absorbing part of the damage suffered by the creature. The fraction of the damage absorbed depends on the hero's Blood Rage mastery (50% to 80% — see below). The creature's Rage Points are decreased instead of the creature's Hit Points:

Rage_Points_Lost = 1100 * Damage_Absorbed / Stack_Max_HP

Blood Rage Levels

Basic Blood Rage
  • Effect: Allows Rage Level 1 to trigger. Rage Points absorb up to 50% of the damage suffered by creatures.
Advanced Blood Rage
  • Effect: Allows Rage Level 2 to trigger. Rage Points absorb up to 60% of the damage suffered by creatures.
Expert Blood Rage
  • Effect: Allows Rage Level 3 to trigger. Rage Points absorb up to 70% of the damage suffered by creatures.
Ultimate Blood Rage
  • Effect: Decreases the rage thresholds by 25%, bringing them to 150, 375 and 750. Rage Points absorb up to 80% of the damage suffered by creatures.

Blood Rage Modifiers

Absolute Rage (Blood Rage)
  • Effect: Orcs creatures in the hero's army start combat with an additional 500 points of rage.
  • Requires: Divine Guidance (Leadership), Excruciating Strike (Attack), Brimstone Rain (War Machines).
Memory of our Blood (Blood Rage)
  • Effect: Orcs creatures in the hero's army start combat with a random 50 to 100 rage points, by multiple of 10.
Bloodfire (Enlightenment)
  • Effect: Any Rage Point amount gained or lost by the hero's troops is multiplied by 1.5.
Battle Elation (Leadership)
  • Effect: Every time when a Morale effect is triggered with a creature in the hero's army, it gains 50 Rage points.
  • Requires: Recruitment (Leadership), Memory of our Blood (Blood Rage).
Shout of Rage (Shout)
  • Effect: The troops gain twice as more Rage points from Warcries used by the hero (but 1.5 more for the Call of Blood Warcry).
Pile of Skulls
  • Effect: Improves "Blood Rage" ability granting 50 points of rage to the army in the start of combat.
  • Requires: Town Level 9, Citadel.
  • Cost: 2000, 5, 4, 4

Gaining Rage Points

Basically all actions performed or suffered by Orcs will modify their Rage Points. Once their counter becomes higher than one of the 3 Rage Points Levels, they receive the corresponding bonus. They will lose it if their Rage Points drop below the threshold. Rage Points can drop below 0, should the stack stay particularly inactive.

Global actions
Enemy stack killed+20 Rage Points
Friendly stack killed+30 Rage Points
Friendly stack killed for Enraged creatures+60 Rage Points
Friendly (Barbarian) Hero shouting a Warcry+20/30/40 Rage Points (see Warcries)
Individual actions performed
Melee attack+100 Rage Points
Ranged attack+50 Rage Points
Casting a spell on an enemy+40 Rage Points
Sacrificing/Swallowing a Goblin+60 Rage Points
Defending-30 Rage Points
Waiting-100 Rage Points
Skipping a turn due to bad Morale-80 Rage Points
Fleeing due to Cowardice-100 Rage Points
Individual actions suffered
Curse spell suffered+10 Rage Points
Blindness-100 Rage Points for every skipped turn
FrenzyRP gained while frenzied are doubled
Puppet Master-50 Rage Points per action performed
Confusion-5/10/15/20 RP depending on spell mastery
Bash, Warding Arrow...-20 Rage Points
Fear-100 Rage Points if scared
Life Drain, Weakening Strike-90 Rage Points

Rage Bonuses

Rage Level 1 Rage Level 2 Rage Level 3
Goblin+1 Hit Point+3 Defense, No TreacheryNo Enemy Retaliation
Goblin Trapper+2 Hit Points+3 Attack, Crippling WoundNo Enemy Retaliation
Goblin Witch-Doctor+2 Hit PointsCursing Attack, PurgeHexing Attack, No Enemy Retaliation
Centaur+6 Attack+2 InitiativeAccuracy
(damage = max damage)
Centaur Marauder
Centaur Nomad
Warrior+1 Speed, +5 HP+3 damageBash
Mauler+2 Speed, +5 HP+3 damageBash
Warmonger+8 Hit PointsUnlimited Retaliation+12 Defense
Shaman+2 Initiative+7 Hit Points+15 Defense
Sky Daughter+2 Initiative+8 HP, Spellpower x2Spellpower x4
Earth Daughter+3 Initiative+8 Hit Points+15 Defense
Slayer+1 Speed, +2 Attack+10 Hit PointsDouble Attack
Executioner+1 Speed, +3 Attack+10 Hit Points
Chieftain+1 Speed, +2 Initiative+12 Hit Points
Foul Wyvern
Cyclops+5 DamageFrightful AuraFear
Untamed Cyclops
Bloodeye Cyclops
This information comes from the Heroes V ToE demo.

Thanks to ThE_HyDrA for creating and looking after the Heroes 5 section of Age of Heroes!