The Price of Peace Heroes 4 Campaign

Scenario 2 - An Enemy's Trust

Map Difficulty: Intermediate.
Map Size: Medium, no underground.
Victory Condition: Defeat the Solymr Hero.
Loss Condition: Lose Emilia Nighthaven.
Carryover: Emilia Nighthaven and General Tharj and all of their spells, experience, and skills will carry over to a later map. All of your heroes have a maximum level of 20.

What made Emilia Nighthaven a great Queen, and an outstanding woman, was the absence of hate in her heart. It was her nature to give everyone a fair chance, even an enemy. To put aside those natural feelings of revenge and treat an invader with justice and, later, trust takes a rare person indeed.

Soon after Emilia is named Queen of Great Arcan, she must defend her country against an invasion led by Solymr, servant of the Immortal King. But Solymr isn't a normal opponent. He is wise and honorable, and performs his duty almost reluctantly, as if he would rather be friends than enemies.