The Price of Peace Heroes 4 Campaign

Scenario 7 - To Slay an Immortal

Map Difficulty: Intermediate.
Map Size: Medium, with underground.
Victory Condition: Find the Sword of the Gods and defeat the Mazellian hero.
Loss Condition: Lose Emilia Nighthaven or Solymr.
Carryover: Emilia Nighthaven, Solymr and Kodge and all of their spells, experience, and skills will carry over to the next map. All of your heroes have a maximum level of 36.

When an immortal dies, a ripple of sorrow flows throughout the Universe. It is no small matter to slay such a being. Even the hunter who puts his arrow into the last of a species of animal knows he has done something irreparable, something that has scarred the fabric of time and space. So, it was with heavy hearts that Emilia and I embarked on such a hunt.

Emilia and Solymr embark on separate quests hoping to learn how to defeat Gavin Magnus. First, Emilia leaves the borders of Great Arcan to an area overrun by chaotic creatures in search of the Sword of the Gods. One story about this powerful weapon suggests that a great hero used it to kill an evil god. If it worked on one immortal being, perhaps it will work on Magnus. As for Solymr, he enters the underworld again looking for someone whocan tell him the origin of the Crystal Pendulum and hopefully a way to resist its enchantment.