The Price of Peace Heroes 4 Campaign

Scenario 6 - Slave to Fear

Map Difficulty: Intermediate.
Map Size: Medium, no underground.
Victory Condition: Find Emilia Nighthaven.
Loss Condition: Lose Solymr.
Carryover: Solymr and all of his spells, experience, and skills will carry over to the next map. All of your heroes have a maximum level of 30.

Will there ever be peace? For as long as I have lived, and for as long as anyone knows, there have been wars. Even the gods fight each other. Conflict, anger, murder, hate. They are all as much a part of us as love and kindness. So, I ask you, is any price too high to obtain everlasting peace?

Solymr finally turns against his insane master when he learns that Gavin Magnus plans to establish order in the world by controlling the minds and wills of every creature with the Crystal Pendulum. Solymr must stop him, but alone he doesn't have the power. His only hope is to find his former enemy, Queen Emilia.