The Price of Peace Heroes 4 Campaign

Scenario 8 - The Price of Peace

Map Difficulty: Intermediate.
Map Size: Large, no underground.
Victory Condition: Defeat the Gavin Magnus hero.
Loss Condition: Lose Emilia Nighthaven or Solymr.

Stand on the edge of a precipice with your toes poking into thin air. Feel the chill wind whip against your face, tug at your clothing, push at your shoulders. This is how close we came to losing. This is how close Magnus came to enslaving the minds of the entire world...forever!

The desperate final battle has come. If Emilia and Solmyr can't find the Mind Shield before Gavin Magnus catches up to them, the world will likely become slave to the Crystal Pendulum. So, General Tharj valiantly volunteers to fight a battle he can't possibly win in the hope of distracting Magnus long enough for Emilia to mount a proper defense.