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Level 2
Vessel of Shalassa - Cost: 4

Summons a sea ship. Hero must stand on a shore and there must be an unoccupied boat nearby for the spell to be successful.

All heroes can learn this spell. No magic skill is required.

Vessel of Shalassa
Level 3
Summon Creatures - Cost:

Summons creatures from nearest town. Takes 75% of heroes starting movement points.
(This spell requires a hero level 10 to be learned. No magic skill is required)

Buy your creatures in the town garrison before casting the spell. You will be able to choose which stack(s) you summon. Each summoned creature costs 1 Mana.

Summon Creatures
Level 4
Instant Travel - Cost: 15

Teleports the hero and his entire army to another location on adventure map.
(This spell requires a hero level 15 to be learned. No magic skill is required)

The teleport radius is 800 movement points, whatever the terrain type. The hero uses half his/her movement for the day. Instant Travel can be used at sea to another sea location only.

Instant Travel
Level 5
Town Portal - Cost: 20

Transports hero to the nearest friendly town - all the movement points will be lost.
(This spell requires a hero level 20 to be learned. No magic skill is required)

Town Portal
This information comes from the Heroes V release version (v2.1).

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