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Adding Artifacts to Heroes

Adding a specific Artifact

For example:

@GiveArtefact("Calid", 28);
OR @GiveArtifact("Calid", 28); the Inferno hero Grawl a Bag of Endless Gold, equipped if there is space, or in the inventory if there is not.

So, the code is:

@GiveArtefact("Name", #);
OR @GiveArtifact("Name", #);

The # can be 1 to 73; either have fun experimenting, or refer to the following chart!

Note that textual codes also exist, like ARTIFACT_ANGEL_WINGS or ARTIFACT_ENDLESS_SACK_OF_GOLD.

Removing a specific Artifact

For example:

@RemoveArtefact("Calid", 28);

...removes a Bag of Endless Gold from Grawl (only one is removed if he has several).

So, the code is:

@RemoveArtefact("Name", #);

Note that artEfact can only be written with an "E" in this command.

Artifact Names / Numbers Chart

So you want this artifact... Numeric code
Boots slot
Boots of Levitation54
Boots of Magical Defence27
Boots of the Open Road26
Boots of the Swift Journey24
Dragon Bone Greaves38
Emerald Slippers61
Greaves of the Dwarven Kings49
Sandals of the Blessed68
Windstrider Boots57
Cloak slot
Bag of Endless Gold28
Bearhide Wraps84
Cape of the Lion's Mane31
Cloak of Death's Shadow33
Cloak of Sylanna62
Dragon Wing Mantle39
Phoenix Feather Cape32
Sack of Endless Gold29
Sandro's Cloak69
Treeborn Quiver95
Wings of the Angel30
Cuirass (armor) slot
Armor of the Forgotten Hero13
Armor of Valor56
Breastplate of Eldritch Might14
Cuirass of the Dwarven Kings48
Dragon Scale Armor36
Robe of Sar-Issus44
Runic War Harness82
Scale Mail of Enlightenment35
Tunic of the Carved Flesh64
Helm slot
All-Seeing Crown12
Crown of Leadership88
Crown of Sar-Issus46
Dragon Talon Crown41
Helm of Chaos66
Helm of Dwarven Kings50
Lion Crown11
Mask of Equity89
Necromancer's Helm55
Turban of Enlightenment34
Pocket slot
Four Leaf Clover8
Golden Horseshoe25
Horn of Plenty92
Rune of Flame86
Sextant of the Sea Elves10
Shackles of the Last Man7
Skull of Markal83
Tarot Deck87
So you want this artifact... Numeric code
Necklace slot
Amulet of Necromancy 71
Dragon Teeth Necklace40
Evercold Icicle18
Necklace of the Bloody Claw17
Necklace of the Lion16
Necklace of Victory19
Pendant of Conflux67
Pendant of Mastery15
Ring slots
Cursed Waistband63
Dragon Eye Ring42
Elemental Waistband60
Ring of Banishment93
Ring of Caution65
Ring of Celerity59
Ring of Lightning Protection20
Ring of Machine Affinity91
Ring of Sar-Issus47
Ring of Speed22
Ring of the Broken Will23
Ring of the Shadowbrand73
Ring of the Unrepentant70
Ring of Vitality21
Shield slot
Book of Power94
Dragon Scale Shield37
Magic Scroll of (Random Spell)52
Ogre Shield75
Shield of Crystal Ice9
Shield of the Dwarven Kings51
Tome of Dark Magic78
Tome of Destruction76
Tome of Light Magic77
Tome of Summoning Magic79
Weapon slot
Axe of the Mountain Lords2
Beginner's Magic Wand80
Dragon Flame Tongue43
Dwarven Smithy Hammer85
Edge of Balance90
Ogre Club74
Runic War Axe81
Staff of Ensnarement6
Staff of Sar-Issus45
Sword of Might1
Trident of the Titans5
Unicorn Horn Bow4
Wand of (Random Spell)3
Special (unable to be equipped)
Tear of Asha53
Freyda(1) 72

Note 1: this "artifact" is the portrait of the Haven campaign heroine Freyda, daughter of Godric, as seen through the cut-out shape of the Four Leaf Clover; its description is Freyda's biography. It is used in the last scenario of the Necromancer campaign, to symbolize the fact that you have her prisoner.

Thanks to Curio for creating these pages!