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Adding War Machines

Adding a specific War Machine

In version 1.0 of the game, it was possible to add war machines by using the @AddHeroCreatures() command. Since patch 1.1, this method does not work anymore, but there is a specific command to do just that:

@GiveHeroWarMachine("Name", WAR_MACHINE_NAME);
OR @GiveHeroWarMachine("Name", #);

For example:

@GiveHeroWarMachine("Godric", WAR_MACHINE_BALLISTA);
OR @GiveHeroWarMachine("Godric", 1); a ballista to the Haven hero Godric.

Note: to effectively use this code, it is essential to refer to the Hero Names Chart, and to the following Creature Names / Numbers Chart.

Removing War Machines

You can also remove a war machine from a hero (except his/her Catapult):

@RemoveHeroWarMachine("Name", WAR_MACHINE_NAME);
OR @RemoveHeroWarMachine("Name", #);

For example:

@RemoveHeroWarMachine("Godric", WAR_MACHINE_BALLISTA);
OR @RemoveHeroWarMachine("Godric", 1);

...removes the ballista from Godric.

War Machines Names / Numbers Chart

War Machine name in-game Code constant Numeric code
War Machines

Note: obviously, adding a Catapult is not very useful since your heroes always have one, and the removing code doesn't work on it.

Thanks to Curio for creating these pages!