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Dec 17 06:The Renegade and HoF Neutral creature pages have been added, along with the Russian and Czech Manuals. Tapani's RMG has also been updated to v.1.02!
Nov 28 06:Tapani's Unofficial Random Map Generator has been updated to v.1.0 with some new features - see this thread for details.
Nov 24 06: The new Hammers of Fate Manual is available now in English, French and Spanish. Other language versions to follow. Additionally, all information on the site has been updated to v2.0 by Sfidanza!
Nov 3 06: Tapani's Unofficial Random Map Generator is now hosted on AoH, and the page details how to use the generator and how it works. A new Hammers of Fate trailer is available for download. Consequently, our Hammers of Fate pages have been updated with the new information shown in the video.
Oct 6 06: As promised, our Hammers of Fate section has been updated. Sfidanza has initiated the Fortress Creatures and Heroes pages, while ThE_HyDrA has added the Fortress Introduction, History and Abilities pages.
Oct 5 06: A new Q & A with Fabrice about the Hammers of Fate expansion is now up. Also available are 10 new screenshots - here.
Sep 3 06: Check out the Heroes V Expansion - Hammers of Fate page for an overview of what you can expect in the expansion. See the official screenshots here.
Aug 30 06: Age of Heroes now has a new Fan Fiction section. The first story is from Daystar and tells the tale of the Druid, Senam. Also feel free to send your own stories.
Aug 26 06: French (49.4 MB) and German (49.3 MB) versions of the official manual are now available.
Aug 2 06: The Official Heroes V Manual (47.7 MB), made by Age of Heroes and with assistance from the International Heroes Community is now avaialable. Also available are Spanish (49.4 MB) and Russian (49.3 MB).
Jun 26 06: Curio's Cheating Guide is now available as a great reference on how to input your own cheats.
Jun 11 06: A Q and A by Nival Interactive's Old_Boy is up in our News and Interviews section, thanks to iwinbutton.
Jun 8 06: The Future of Heroes V is upon us! An exclusive interview with Fabrice Cambounet was conducted by Valeriy, which reveals plans for duel mode, map editor, patches, AI, and more! AoH Exclusive Interview with Fabrice Cambounet.
Jun 7 06: Information pages have been updated with patch v.1.1 data by Sfidanza! A new Modding Section has been created to keep track of game-mods.
May 26 06: Spoiler: All Heroes V Campaigns have been compiled by Sfidanza. Amongst other things, there are new Moon Weeks and Elemental Chains v. 1.0 information.
May 18 06: All data pages have been updated with Heroes of Might and Magic V Version 1.0 information! Navigate through them using the pagetop system or, all the links are found below. In addition, there is the Heroes 5 Demo and the Deluxe Edition pages up, too.
May 7 06: The new Video Captures from Fabrice Cambounet's most recent video concerning the Dynamic Battle System are now up.
May 3 06: The Spells pages have been masterfully updated by Sfidanza to include spell power formulae.
Apr 30 06: A tutorial of each of the 6 Special Racial Abilities are now uploaded onto the site. Thanks to Sfidanza and the Mystery Member for their help in coding the pages.
Apr 19 06: A complete list of Duel Heroes are now available for reference. The pages contain all you need to know for planning a battle in advance with your preferred preset.
Apr 17 06: The Fabrice Cambounet video can be downloaded from our Video Downloads section. It is 37 MB, so we've taken some video captures.
Apr 15 06: Major Update: Heroes, Artifacts, and Skills pages have been updated by Sfidanza to include Demo content.
Apr 14 06: The missing neutral creatures have now been updated with Demo information. See the 6 creatures here.
Apr 13 06: Lord Crusader's Heroes V Preview can be viewed at the News and Interviews Section.
April 04 06: All 8 cutscenes can be seen here.
Mar 30 06: The new Rob King Question and Answer has been uploaded for your reading pleasure.
Mar 23 06: Sfidanza, together with Fiur's screenshots and my comments, has created the town buildings pages. They contain in-game screenshots of the buildings, along with their effect, and even the creature growth rate (where applicable).
Mar 22 06: Portraits and German biographies of 6 New Sylvan Heroes were added.
Mar 21 06: The new interview with Olivier Ledroit has been added to the News and Interviews section. Also, there are 6 additional new artworks, found on Concept Art General 2 and 3
Feb 01 06: I've added the 4 new Dungeon biographies and pictures (+1 more hero) to the Dungeon Heroes Page.
Feb 01 06: Major Update! Sfidanza has created the Artifacts Section, while Oakwarrior and I have created the Spells Pages.
Jan 31 06: Major Update! Sfidanza has created a detailed skills section, which has been optimised by Valeriy for the site, navigate through the pages Here.
Jan 31 06: Major Update! Sfidanza has created a detailed skills section, which has been optimised by Valeriy for the site, navigate through the pages Here.
Jan 29 06: Major Update! Lord_Crusader and I have updated all the creature pages to include Open Beta data. See them Here.
Jan 25 06: Gamespy has responded to their counterpart, GameSpot, with their own Preview. 3 More Screenshots from IGN have been posted.
Jan 24 06: GameSpot Hands-On now available, along with 7 new screenshots and a 3:05 minute length developer interview - you can see video captures here.
Jan 24 06: Added 17 Screenshots to pages 1, 2 and 3. A translation of the CNews Impressions is also available.
Jan 23 06: Added Eurogamer.net Preview to the News and Interviews page.
Jan 21 06: Added 4 screenshots to the Other Screenshots 2 page. Thanks to EvilP17 for discovering the last 2.
Jan 17 06: Added Concept Art General 2 page, and updated various Map Locations subheadings.
Jan 16 06: Added 9 Screenshots as well as the corresponding, translated impressions article by Russian site Reborn.
Jan 16 06: Added the Click! Combat Preview, and updated the Combat and New Features pages accordingly.
Jan 15 06: Added the New Features page, updated War Machines and Combat pages, among others.
Jan 14 06: Overhaul of the Heroes V Map Locations and Buildings pages completed.
Jan 13 06: Added 22 screenshots to Official 1 and Official 2. Translation of CRPG Preview Available.
Jan 12 06: Added the War Machines section under the Combat heading.
Jan 10 06: Updated and added new spells to the Spells section.
Jan 08 06: Updates performed on several pages, but mainly the Skills and Features sections.
Jan 06 06: A revised version of Nival's Create-a-Town Contest rules has been uploaded.
Jan 05 06: Added 7 screenshots in the Screenshots Official 1 and 2 sections.
Jan 03 06: Updated various Map Locations Sections and added the chainmail artifact.
Jan 01 06: Posted Heroic Corner Preview, added 5 Screenshots.
Dec 29 05: Added Create-a-Race Contest Rules to the News and Interviews section.
Dec 28 05: Cleaned-up Dungeon and Sylvan Buildings pages.
Dec 27 05: Updates Box Implemented
Dec 24 05: Official Screenshots Pages re-arranged, 2 shots added
Dec 23 05: Added unreal_az's translation of the Games Arena Interview
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