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Reflections aloud

Conversations on that Heroes of Might and Magic in its fifth iteration, is being developed by Nival Interavtive, for the first time have gone on for two years ago. At first, such assumption caused only skeptical smiles of players. And really, the idea that development of continuation of one of the most cult game series, have entrusted domestic developers, seem simply improbable. Same Heroes! Fortunately, even the most unusual dreams at times come true. Hearings have appeared the truth, and anything surprising in it is not present. On the party of the domestic company was both world popularity, and a wide experience in development of step-by-step strategy, and the most advanced technologies. Perhaps, already it is possible to ascertain, that decision Ubisoft has appeared correct on all hundred.

And in fact, when we still shivered in the bus of 800-th route, slowly, but, truly coming nearer to the office of Nival, we were overcome with some doubts. Yes, we, certainly, saw tens tremendous screenshots, set of excellent videoclips, read numerous interviews of developers and caught each particle of the information on game. But, to tell the truth, the integral impression about the project at us and has not developed. Therefore there were some fears to see a beautiful knickknack or a banal remake of the third Heroes with modern innovations.

At last having reached up to a grey high building at a wood, we have risen on the fifth floor and representatives of PR-service of the company have got in possession Nival Interactive where us and have met Elina Terekhin with Dmitry Estrin. And here, we already sit in enough spacious room, and we look upon the screen of the monitor where one of the freshest versions Heroes of Might and Magic V starts to be loaded...

In general

The first, that rivets attention in new Heroes is, certainly, the schedule. The decision to transfer game in full 3D and to release the camera, in my opinion, it has appeared absolutely true. You can consider an armour of your hero in all details or soar up under clouds, at the certain corner of the review having captured a sight of a half-map. Both it is functional, and it is beautiful. And as all these shaken trees and animated objects on a card are looked in movement — words cannot describe it. Believe, it grasps spirit more cleanly the most modern effects in modern shooters. Has put at all that game is perfect in the technological plan — is not present, is and projects much more impressing from the point of view of technologies. But here in connection with style of competitors at Heroes of Might and Magic V for today simply is not present. Each model of characters, each structure are traced with huge carefulness and love. In Nival Interactive artists and animators are of a world class standard.

However, one graphic, as it is known, will not be full. A gameplay — here the main highlight of the project. Here it is necessary to recognize, that before Ubisoft and Nival Interactive there was a big-challenge: to keep spirit and mechanics of the previous parts of a series and to introduce the changes deducing it on qualitatively new level. The pursuit of two hares turns out such. Also that the most interesting, similar, that our compatriots managed to catch up and catch both.

In general game process has not too changed. Developers have refused some doubtful innovations of the fourth part and have revived many nice traditions of the third Heroes. As before we have two basic modes: strategic and tactical. There are heroes and cities. All it is familiar and is recognized. We are battled with neutral creatures or enemy heroes, we grasp and we defend fortresses, we travel on the adventure map in search of additional tasks and artifacts. There will even be the Grail, with obelisks and collecting of pieces of the map.

In total in game six types of towns (playable races): Haven, Academy, Inferno, Necropolis, Dungeon and Sylvan. In cities, as before, it is possible to erect buildings, to employ and improve armies. In a tavern it is possible to meet heroes and them for n-th sum of gold to join you. More often there leaders of your fraction certainly come across but the chance to meet in Haven castle, say, elven ranger is great enough. As already was spoken above, developers have got rid of the most unsuccessful ideas of last part of a series. In the big degree it has concerned cities: the quantity of units increases once a week now instead of every day. Heroes will not have any more to walk around of the castle in hope to wait one more "black baby-dragon". In total in each castle seven kinds of creatures, it is possible to improve each of which. Also we can build now absolutely all buildings: times when it was necessary to choose between construction of a barracks for pikeman and ballista have sunk into oblivion.

By the way, as all of you already for certain know, cities also became completely three-dimensional that certainly has gone it on advantage. They are looked simply excellent. All changes of construction are displayed on the screen of city. However on adventure map there are only basic structures and improvements but it not too afflicts. The role system has changed a little. Collecting treasured chests and battling in bloody fights, our young and not skilled hero gradually accumulates experience, gets new skills and perks. As before, each hero — the person, with the history and unique, knacks. However, developers have refused system of ranks so, for example, we can't make our hero an Archmage.

And it is a pity. A perogative of heroes became independent movement on a card, creatures it now is inaccessible. But caravans between friendly cities everyone will be.One more pleasant news became that fact that above a soundtrack of game works the person who has written music for all four parts of Heroes, Rob King. And it means that melodies awesome on the beauty will be with us again.

Battles — our all

Perhaps, the tactical fights have undergone the most serious changes. And deal not in that the heroes will not directly participate in battle again. Turn-based fight has not disappeared also but has ceased to be classical in full understanding of this word. Orthodox admirers of the series, for certain, in had their hearts seized with fear. Easy, friends! Simply each creature and the hero had a parameter of the initiative on which depends the frequency of turns the unit will take.I can not tell, that this innovation has radically changed game process, but dynamics and tactical depth has definitely added. Now is possible the situation when, for example, fast skeletons will have time to reach the opponent and some times to strike on it while sluggish zombie hardly will reach enemy creatures.
Before the fight to us by tradition suggest to place army [tactics]. Some greater creatures, like dragons, can borrow at once some cells. Having finished with this procedure, we start the fight. Below we have the scale of initiative showing as soon there will come a course of each unit. Factions strikingly differ from each other not only in appearance, but also a manner of game [in gameplay]. They promote a variety and introduction of special racial abilities. Moreover, even each creature will have a feature - a unique skill. Griffins can fly up on some courses in air that then to fall upon the area specified earlier. If the opponent will guess a direction of impact and will have time to clean the creatures therefrom griffins will simply waste time all for nothing. And such tactical dodges, simple at first sight, but complex on the second, in game set. Well and battle is a present enchanting spectacle of paints and special effects. The clever camera over and over again choosing so successful foreshortenings what even after tens fights there is no desire to disconnect it.

Besides the exchange of usual impacts and application of abilities, heroes and some creatures also can cast spells. In total available five magic schools: Destructive Magic, Dark Magic, Light Magic, Summoning Magic and Nature Magic. In each of them on five levels. In general, all is besides recognized, down to separate charms. Unfortunately, the size of a battlefield will not vary depending on quantity of creatures or the filled stacks at battling parties. However, at sieges, it will increase for the order. Itself siege it is not enough, than differs that we saw in the previous games series. Catapults will also destroy walls, arrows on protective towers reduce enemy numbers, and flying creatures with ease fly over the walls. Each town will have also a protective feature: moats, entangling legs roots and so forth.

In general, developers have achieved desirable: the saturation and dynamics of battles have raised a lot, tactical opportunities have extended, and every possible graphic effects that please the eye

Peripetias of a plot

As is known, for universe of Might and Magic Ubisoft has developed the completely new world that named Ashan, having refused from a subject heritage 3DO. By the way, action of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, another Ubisoft games, will occur also in Ashan, and under Erwan Le Breton's application, the producer, responsible for coordination of scripwriters, writers and designers of Ubisoft, subject lines of these two projects will be crossed here and there.

In general, the outset in Heroes of Might and Magic V is simple enough: rest of the Griffins Empire, preparing wedding of young emperor Nikolay and Isabell, is broken by intrusion of demons. Nikolay, as well as its father twenty years ago, wages the army on war having left narrowed in a safe Summer Palace. But defeat follows defeat and Isabell decides to help the husband having sent the authorized representatives, Beatris and Godric, to search the help at powerful magicians of Sparkling Cities and mysterious Irollan elfes: One of the basic suppliers of subject data become videoclips on a engine of game. On direction it is a little reminds that we saw in Warcraft III and this is a compliment. Besides, together with new graphic technologies developers had new opportunities for creation of atmospheric and impressing rollers. We also hope on a good sound.

Besides usual missions we are waited also by in what from the very beginning of towns there will be no also they still only it is necessary to grasp. In addition, the developers from Nival Interactive have given one more pleasant surprise, having made unique in own way night mission. Functionally it almost differs nothing from the others, but from the aesthetic point of view is capable to delight any player.

Hot-seat and not only

Developers give very big attention to a multiplayer. "Great and awful" hot-seat was not gone, on which in due time everyone played Heroes has spent a great lot of sleepless nights. In addition there will be some new modes, for example, duel, whose concept seems friendly much to the "Etherlords". Each player types army of creatures and fight begins. A detail of others multiplayer modes developers do not open yet but also here us the couple of surprises for certain waits.

Heroes are not born, Heroes are made

At present Heroes of Might and Magic V already generally are ready. Yes, works above the interface are still conducted, mistakes are caught, the balance has to be perfected, and even addition of any new opportunities, but, similar is discussed, that at Nival Interactive and Ubisoft is excellent verified game turns out. Madly beautiful, dynamic, simple under the form and deep under the maintenance, the fifth Heroes not only continue nice traditions of a series, but also introduce the unique features and features. Gallant!

Certainly, to make full and precise representation about the project in some hours it is impossible. For example, I shall not undertake to judge value and quality of a strategic mode as it is necessary for high-grade acquaintance to much more time. But now, since we have left the hospitable Nival Interactive office, me do not cease torture desire again to plunge in the surprising world of the fifth Heroes. The game is very addictive, forcing again and again mentally to come back by those not numerous happy o'clock lead for it. Even now when these words are written it would be desirable to forget about all and to jerk aside stations of the underground “October Field” in shy hope still time to look at this miracle even with half an eye. Believe, new Heroes are almost an embodiment of dream. I hope that after an output of game it "almost" will disappear. Fie-fie-fie.

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