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The Age of Heroes International Create a Town for Heroes V Contest has now been opened to all English-speaking fans of the game!

Friends! Up until this point you probably did not realise what huge work was done by designers Heroes of Might and Magic V, creating game races. Well, now you will have such opportunity! Company Nival Interactive and magazine " Gamemania " are enabling you to assume the role of a game-designer - even with the possibility of being rewarded for it. What do you have to do? Create a new race! That doesn't sound to complex, you say? To make the task easy for you, here are some instructions:

- To begin, undoubtedly, name your town - short, bright and original.

- Now that the race has a name - it must have an emblem! Think one up and draw it.

- Next, go deep into the past. Tell us how the race thought up by you has appeared in prequels, describe the basic events of its history, etc.

- Describe your race: how its representatives look, what do they do during times of peace, what do they love, avoid, who are their friends (if any), who are their sworn enemies (if any), etc. Do not forget to tell us about places in which they live.

- Think up unique features of the new race, but be careful to keep the game balanced.

- And, of course, think up seven types of creatures which will defend honour of the race on a battlefield. Specify the main characteristics of each creature: strengths and the weaknesses, special abilities, magic qualities (if they have any). Do not forget to think up and describe upgrades of all of seven types of creatures!

- Lastly and most importantly! Do not forget a key rule of participation in any competition - the task at hand should be carried out with great attention to detail and reviewed for errors, at least, three times. Don't rush - the better the race is described, the more harmoniously it will assimilate with the Heroes of Might and Magic V Universe, and the better chance you have of victory!

You should send the final product to or to the postal address of the editor, marked "Racial Question Competition". Reception of letters comes to an end on February, 28th - don't be late!

The game designers of Heroes V will be the judges. We shall announce the final results in the fourth edition of "Gamemania" for 2006.

And at last - the most alluring aspect - the prizes!:
The winner will receive a flag with an emblem of his/her race, a backpack with symbolics of Heroes of Might and Magic V and a Pocket PC.
The second place winner will receive a backpack with symbolics Heroes of Might and Magic V and a mobile phone.
Third place will get a T-shirt with HOMM5 logo and an excellent gaming steering wheel.

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