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Fairy tale which soon happens

As we know, there are laws: laws physical, chemical and laws of a genre. And so one of them says the Second and the subsequent parts of film, or game as a rule look less brightly on a background of the first colleague . And we not time were convinced of it on real examples. But I wish to tell to you about one continuation. Something at the back of our minds but about which all of us for a long time heard, we know and we wait with greater impatience. There is an impression, what even the five years' kid knows, that such Heroes of Might and Magic V.

A little history...

All has begun on August, 31st, 1995 when on ??-and-and-and-??????? the computer market has crept out inconsistent and even a little ???????????? strategic project Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest from a certain company 3DO. Pathbreakers of this genre and style of game, they were not, but having created the first successful product, have gone already on the blazed path to glory and success during several years. For the first-born have appeared - Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars and Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of Loyalty. There Was it in October 1996 and April 1997.

They already confidently kept in a saddle and the game public began to learn the Heroes to face. Heroes was on the rise, many were ill and have taken a great interest in game so, that began to create the worlds, to write stories about the adventures ostensibly based on real game events, etc. the List it would be possible to continue, but alas we are limited by frameworks of time and volumes of the text. In general, popularity of game accrued with catastrophic speed. Apogee of series Heroes of Might and Magic became occurrence Heroes of Might and Magic III and its subsequent release of the expansions: Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade and Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death. The third part and it add-on? included all opportunities of high-grade game and complex subject underlying reason. They were masterpieces of the literal meaning. Balance of forces, qualitative the schedule of that time, the thought over plot and unique in own way installed took any for soul to whom on eyes treasured disks got.

It is possible to sing long dithyrambs of a series, but alas, even the mature teacher can and will slip and fall. So this happens to 3DO. Alas, after triumphant rise there has come an era of calm and during two years, we waited for occurrence of a miracle-wonderful, a miracle-marvellous. But alas, the new era three-dimensional schedules has confused founders of a series of Heroes and has struck first of all on its prestige. The fourth part became impact below a belt , everyone who with trembling waited for an output of game, have been disappointed up to depth of soul. Though the present fans also have passed all three add-ona, left one after another in 2002 and 2003, the delight was not, and to wait for it was useless!

Light beam in the dark reign

As it is conducted from the laws of the genre of the matter in 3DO send entirely badly, although playing found the part of its worshippers, to overlap discharges alas game was not able to. Heavy times for the company began. Further everything was developed on the subject about the sale of game from the hammer. Death of company was rapid and in effect painless. The very important, that was arranged an auction, where the cherished series Heroes of Might and Magic, was acquired by Ubisoft. It would be foolish to throw the heap of money into the game, which would lie on the regiment, waiting until its hour. At that time when all worshippers of game after harbouring respiration await continuation. Therefore it is necessary to say the enormous thanks Ubisoft, for the fact that it rehabilitated the name of "Heroes". As you surely already know, to our compatriots from company Nival Interactive was proposed the unique possibility to create the masterpiece, in the literal and figurative sense of this word. What strictly we have at the current moment.


After 4 for the first time saw with own eyes play process and to graph, simply numbing from the enthusiasm. Although this all appears a little toy, it is possible everything to see, even the torn bandagings of necromancer on its spin during its journey in the country. To say nothing of landscapes and beauties of heroic peace. You can see themselves, as they bubble swamp, as overflows lava, as streams flow and laps water against coasts, birds chirping as they fly and foliage as it ruffles on the trees. It is possible and not to play, but simple to sit down and to delight in by the beauties of the surrounding peace, but war it, you do know, war!


Anything is thus far early to speak about the sonic tracking in the game. To us it is known only that the very well-known composer of Rob King, who wrote music to the previous parts of the series, writes entire music for the game.


As they became known, interface in the game will be in the future global versions. Therefore we will not become within the framework of this previous to carry our estimations or to give any advice and recommendations from the point of view of the moved players. They certified us, that the play interface will be sharpened and maximally thought out to the final version.

However, concerning the II in the game, in cases when is included the regime of automatic battle or enemy it arises before the dilemma in what direction to complete impact, impact comes exactly like if it completed prudent and sly enemy in human oblichii.

Let us conclude

Sum is very simple - us awaits era Heroes of Might and Magic THE V era of heroic battles, war and peace. In the first quarter of 2006 to us they will present game excellent in every respect Heroes of Might and Magic ALL V this me reminds of legend about the bird phoenix, that revived literally after all from the ashes. There remains only to think above one question. But it will not come out that we sequential time will draw for ourselves gold mountains, but when let us find them, then let us understand that they did expect to see something another? Will not be mistaken we in the searches for the best? These all questions we will be able to only answer themselves, when game falls to us into hands. Main thing not to sketch to itself large enthusiastic air locks and to rationally relate to the appearance of a game. Possibly, even with the high portion of skepticism. But to remember that the fairy tales exist, and main fairy tale this Heroes of Might and Magic V.

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