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We should bypass attention such grandiose project for all world game industry, as Heroes of Might and Magic V in which development Russian studio Nival Interactive is engaged. Today we represent you unique in own way a material which not only will present a picture of the fifth part of a series, but also will offer you, our dear readers, small virtual photo-round on studio Nival Interactive.

For the first time on pages of a network the Internet of a photo of process of development of computer games as though from within, during. In the photos enclosed to clause — the present Heroes — talented developers, programmers, designers and the artists creating really unique game products which destiny — to become favourites of millions admirers worldwide.

In fine, on January warm ?????, Friday, on 13-th of January, I have arrived to a smithy of masterpieces domestic ???????????? — the Moscow office of company Nival Interactive where has found behind work all operating structure of one of the largest Russian studios, computer games engaged by development.

For me waited. Having announced the surname on a checkpoint, I, in the beautiful metal lift, have risen on the fifth floor of the grey building surrounded on the one hand by a dark coniferous wood. The wood, certainly, was not dark, more likely, absolutely usual. However, it in absolutely unusual image has affected my is formal-business mood. In a head ???????? ideas on wood spirits and ??????, ????????? screenshots from Heroes of Might and Magic V which I studied before a trip.

Here I also have entered on territory of studio. The first who has met me, were the lovely girl who kindly spent me up to a department of public relations where I and have met with ?????? ?????????, director on marketing and PR companies Nival and Dmitry Estrin, the person — a conductor in epic and captivating world Heroes of Might and Magic.

At this time in studio work with might and main boiled. Keys of keyboards knocked on a unison, phones called, music ?????? played mice. The got hungry employees, programmers and designers crackled sweet wafers and with a thoughtful kind sipped hot coffee on kitchen. " Here they, ??????????? and ?????????? ", — I have thought. " Who this guy with the greater camera? ", — it is probable, have thought ??????????? and ??????????.

About that company Nival Interactive which has gained the tender is engaged in development of continuation of series Heroes Of Might And Magic, it became known before conference ??? 2005, and first scale presentation Heroes of Might and Magic V took place on E3 2005 in ???-????????.

Heroes in my opinion

I was not the very first representative the Internet-ίΌΏ which the unique opportunity to contemplate Heroes of Might and Magic V before their official leaving on gold, but, as well as my colleagues from other game projects has stood out, I, have first of all paid attention on bewitching beauty to the schedule. It is really magnificent. Completely the three-dimensional world easily gives in to steadfast studying under any corner. Players can easily, rotating a wheel of the mouse to approach and delete the chamber, changing scale of a card and a picture of all events occuring on the screen. At the maximal approach it is possible to consider any smallest objects, from elements of fighting ammunition of heroes up to it is realistic trees shaken on a wind and sunflowers in court yard of peasants and the flitting butterflies, following a loop for ??????????? heroes. This opportunity as it is represented, not only gives cleanly aesthetic pleasure from contemplation of three-dimensional beauty, but also allows to plunge into fascinating atmosphere of game even more deeply.


The separate attention is deserved with city of heroes. It is easy to guess, that all in game there will be six cities by quantity ??????????? races of world Ashan: Academy, Sylvan, Dungeon, Haven, Inferno, Necropolis. Cities serve for construction of buildings, hiring and modernization of armies. In each city there is a tavern in which it is possible to employ heroes of the race, and also visitors and representatives of other races. There is a magic guild where spells forget, the fort, the town and other constructions for protection of city, the market for an exchange of resources are under construction also.

Cities look is simply more tremendous. Looking walls, structures, sculptures and all other variety of architectural constructions are how much thin and in detail traced, involuntarily reflect on what titanic work has been done by designers and artists ??????. For each race there are no repeating constructions, all structures are unique. At Sylvan original extensions to a tree or simply floating buildings, in town Haven — usual small houses, and town Academy are hanging in the air above ground.

In each town of each race on seven kinds of creatures which it is possible ??????????, improving their magic and fighting skills.

From all cities shown to me, I liked Sylvan. So it was historically led, that always ????? impose me more than other creatures. The city ?????? represents a huge tree which roots are in water. A beautiful water smooth surface as a mirror reflecting erected structures, surrounds a tree from different directions. At construction of buildings they appear directly in crones or on a trunk of this mighty tree. Here all associates with wood people which lives in a wood and for the sake of a wood. Here there is no place ????????? Academy or powerful fighting force Haven, all is fastened on harmony with the nature, on unity with it.


Essential changes have occured in fights. The fundamental basis of step-by-step fight in its classical understanding has changed. Fight has remained step-by-step, but the basic tactical priority during fight lays down on shoulders of such parameter as the initiative of an creature. The creature of initiative in that, how much often "goes" a unit. That is, skeletons or griffins will be much faster half-dead ?????, however and the level of drawing of damages at initiative units is much lower. To trace a level of initiative it is possible on a special scale.

Placing on a battlefield of units, it is necessary to consider, that each race has the tactical features at conducting fight. These tactical features entirely depend on unique opportunities which now are at each race.

So, hero Haven possesses unique skill Counterstrike which allows it to be carried by in the exclusive order on a battlefield and to strike powerful blow on the chosen group. In general, Haven — the very first state of the world of heroes where simple people battle, peasants and civil guardsmen. But here, in numbers of army there are such creatures as Archangel and Cleric, considerably approaching our victory. Heavenly creatures respond to an appeal of people — Griffins. One of interesting abilities of Griffins is an opportunity to fly up on some courses forward to fall then upon in advance specified area. Certainly, if the opponent has made ?????????????? the armies, and has allocated them griffins bring down the ??? on an empty field. Sylvan possesses such unique skill of fight, as Favoured Enemy (from English Favour — to prefer).

?????????? creatures will be more effective in attack against the certain opponent, what is in list Favoured Enemy. All magicians Academy possess art of creation of artefacts with which they equip the creatures, improving that their characteristics. At Inferno a unique opportunity there will be an ability to open a gate of the Hell and to cause reinforcements directly on a battlefield. With growth of skills, the hero can cause more and more powerful creatures, such as Pit Lord and Devil. At Necropolis the major tactical feature there will be an opportunity to revive corpses ???????? soldiers, turning them in the army in the form of skeletons. However, with development of a plot, in the character there will be an opportunity to revive a lot of creatures and to receive from them, accordingly, more powerful armies. Dark ????? Dungeon possess even more interesting feature which in game carries name Invocation. Unlike magicians Academy, Dungeon possesses internal intuitive ????????????? magics that allows them to make unique spells, putting damages to the creatures protected from influence of magic.

Considering battles in Heroes of Might and Magic V it is necessary to note in details worked animation and effects. At immersing in an agony of battle, you like dynamics of fight, its saturation. Bewitch continually arising visual effects, the auras accompanying influences of magic spells.
Though Dmitry also has warned me that the sound component of game demands serious completion, sounds in the headphones, heard by me on a floor of heroic abuse, me rather and have rather pleased. They class and, certainly, supplement and enrich an atmosphere of fight. Above music underneath for game King who created sound tracks for all previous parts Heroes of Might and Magic works unforgettable Uniforms.


Many forces are spent for realization of various multiuser modes. Old, but checked up by time of "Jotas-ίΏΤ", has remained and has not undergone significant changes. Players all also can gather on an apartment at friends and, conducting secular conversations on a theme, under beer and salty drying to play heroes, considering each step and consulting with each other. Is present as well the new mode Duel created specially for those who does not love long and laborious succession of events, and wishes to battle simply to the enemy, not ????????????? thus on subtleties of this or that race. The player chooses to itself army and at once goes to fight with other player. The winner is defined with skill competently to use this or that feature of essences, and also, correct tactics and conducting fight. Also, also standard, but, nevertheless, madly interesting mode of a usual multiplayer when players will start in equal conditions on one card anywhere has not got to, beginning struggle for a survival. For certain, developers have thought up something else for increase of interest of the game public, but to me about it have not told yet.


For today the cycle of development Heroes of Might and Magic V has approached to the final stage. It is difficult to make any objective and unequivocal judgement of that from itself will represent Heroes of Might and Magic V, but personally on me demonstration of game has made the most positive impressions and has generated kind, light emotions. Probably, for the first time for the long-term journalistic stay I have felt absolute pride of the domestic developer, pride of a qualitative and competitive product which can become the sample in creation of computer games.

From myself and from all admirers of "Heroes" I express huge gratitude ????? ????????? and ???? ???????, to employees of company Nival Interactive for the given opportunity to see HOMMV the eyes, exclusive materials and hospitality.

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