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GA: The project is nearing the "Gold" stage. Are there any signs that the launch of the game will be delayed?

FC: This has always been a sensitive subject in game development. At this moment we are busy with collecting and sorting the hundreds of comments we recieve from the beta-test. We will probably have a better vision of the things that need improvement after this period.

GA: Concerning the game, we noticed the fact that you drastically modified the interface, that could create confusion to older fans. How do you comment on this aspect?

FC: Correct, this is one of the elements we modified substantially. Our main objective concerning the gameplay in Heroes V is to be more accesible and faster. The interface was one of the main areas that needed improvment. I think we raised the expectations for the heroes series concerning this aspect. At first it can be confusing for a fan but you will adapt quickly to it. On the other hand, it is more natural to a new player.

GA: Because we havenít noticed this thing so far, will we be able to equip our heroes in the RPG style used so far?

FC: Of course we kept the elements of RPG of the game. This includes collecting the artifacts, equiping them and developing the hero to match your style and strategy.

GA: We have heard many things about a "TrailĒ the heroes will leave behind them. What can you tell us about this?

FC: The trail is a really simple idea. All heroes will leave a mark of their passing when they move. This will grow in size depending on the strength of the hero so it will be a pride to see it. Each faction will have itís own type of trail. Combining these elements, you will see that you can observe enemy heroes and guess their level or the faction they belong to, by just checking the trail.

GA: What castles will there be in Heroes V?

FC: In Heroes V there are 6 factions, and to this moment they have all been revealed. We made public Haven and Inferno at E3 this meaning the humans and the devils. The Necropolis was revealed in the summer, of course they are the undead. Other two factions which have seen the light not so long ago Sylvan(elves) and Dungeon (dark elves). Recently he have unveiled the last faction, the Academy, a host of wizards.

GA: The people are still convinced that this game is closer to Heroes III than to Heroes IV. Is this true?

FC: We definetively used elements inspired from Heroes III that to this point is considered the best game of the series. We also used ideas from Heroes IV and in some situations like the hero participating to the battle we found a middle way between the two games. The biggest part of the elements in Heroes V is a step forward, we introduced a new world, new heroes, new abilites and tactic battles, new spells. A lot of things to discover!

GA: What improvements have you made to the multiplayer mode?

FC: This was one of the elements we focused during the production and I hope this will transform into an excellent multiplayer games between the players.
In Heroes V there are two types of elements for multiplayer: options and modes. When you begin a generic multiplayer game you can choose from a variety of options.
Of course among these there will be simple options like limiting the time allowed to finish up a turn but there will be other that shall be proven to be more interesting . An technical option its represented by the possibility of Simultaneous Turns. If its posible you will play your turn in parallel with the other players. Another innovative option to TBS is the ghost mode. This is a mode parallel to that in Heroes, for as you wait your turn you can move Ghosts on the map sneaking between enemies, stealing their resources and trying to slow their hero down.
Concerning the game modes we will be providing in general the same modes expected like hot seat. A new mode is Duel that will be fun one on one challenges. You pick a hero from a list like in a fighting game and you will go directly to battle trying to win as many as possible from three rounds.

GA: Will there be an open beta test?

FC: At this stage, we are in the middle of the closed beta-test. We will have an open beta test session right after this stage.

GA: Do you plan on expanding the Might And Magic Universe?

FC: You must have heard of the game Dark Messiah. This is the living proof that we are invest and build a totally new Might And Magic Universe.

GA: What are the most attractive elements that will immerse players in Heroes V?

FC: The major element we are introducing are dynamic battles that will be held through fights that are much more pressing than before. You will be also caught by the story of the campaign that will immerse you in a new universe with a new look with new heroes that fight for power ... or for revenge. Also you will be able to create new combinations with interesting abilities and new tactics that will be dificult to master. All these elements already make a very seductive list!

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