ToE HoF H5

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Name » Slot « Type Cost Source
Boots Of Levitation Boots Of Levitation Feet Relic 30000 H5
Hero can move over the sea
Boots of Magical Defense Boots of Magical Defense Feet Minor 5000 H5
Grant hero a 10% magic resistance.
Boots of the Open Road Boots of the Open Road Feet Major 10000 H5
Allows hero to traverse rough terrain without any penalties.
Boots of the Swift Journey Boots of the Swift Journey Feet Major 25000 H5
Increase hero's movement over land.
Dragon Bone Greaves Dragon Bone Greaves Feet Major 14000 H5
Adds +3 to hero's Spellpower and increases initiative of all melee non-flying units in hero's army by 10%
Emerald Slippers Emerald Slippers Feet Minor 5000 H5
+50% damage to earth spells
Greaves of the Dwarven Kings Greaves of the Dwarven Kings Feet Relic 25000 H5
Adds +4 to hero's attack and renders all creatures in hero's army immune to Slow spell.
Sandals of the Blessed Sandals of the Blessed Feet Relic 30000 H5
Increases all hero stats by +1
Windstrider Boots Windstrider Boots Feet Minor 6000 H5
Increases all units speed by +1
This information comes from the Heroes V release version (v1.5).

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