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Name » Slot « Type Cost Source
All-Seeing Crown All-Seeing Crown Head Major 3000 H5
Allows hero to see farther over terrain (+4 to range of view).
Crown of Sar-Issus Crown of Sar-Issus Head Relic 36000 H5
Adds +6 to hero's knowledge.
Dragon Talon Crown Dragon Talon Crown Head Major 14000 H5
Adds +3 to hero's knowledge and increases initiative of all war machines in hero's army by 10%
Helm Of Chaos Helm Of Chaos Head Minor 8000 H5
Increases hero's knowledge by +3, but decreases his defense by -1.
Helm of the Dwarven Kings Helm of the Dwarven Kings Head Relic 25000 H5
Adds +4 to hero's knowledge and renders all creatures in hero's army immune to Blind spell.
Lion Crown Lion Crown Head Relic 24000 H5
Increases hero's morale and luck by +2.
Necromancer's Helm Necromancer's Helm Head Minor 4000 H5
Increases hero's knowledge by +2
Turban of Enlightenment Turban of Enlightenment Head Major 5000 H5
All experience gained by hero is increased by 10%.
This information comes from the Heroes V release version (v1.5).

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