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Name » Slot « Type Cost Source
Axe of the Mountain Lords Axe of the Mountain Lords Weapon Major 16000 H5
Adds +4 to hero's attack.
Dragon Flame Tongue Dragon Flame Tongue Weapon Major 21000 H5
Adds +2 to hero's attack and defense. Grants a 50% protection from cold-based spells
Staff of Sar-Issus Staff of Sar-Issus Weapon Relic 25000 H5
Negates enemy magic resistance. Magic protection and immunities, if any, are not affected and still remain.
Staff of the Netherworld Staff of the Netherworld Weapon Relic 20000 H5
Decreases initiative of enemy creatures by 20%.
Sword of Might Sword of Might Weapon Minor 4000 H5
Adds +2 to hero's attack.
Trident of the Titans Trident of the Titans Weapon Minor 5000 H5
Enhances your lightning-based spells by 50%.
Unicorn Horn Bow Unicorn Horn Bow Weapon Major 15000 H5
Negates range penalties for all shooting units in hero's army.
Wand Wand Weapon Major 7000 H5
Allows casting of a magic spell from this wand. The wand has a limited number of uses and can be recharged at a Magic Guild.
This information comes from the Heroes V release version (v1.5).

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