ToE HoF H5

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Name » Slot « Type Cost Source
Amulet of Necromancy Amulet of Necromancy Neck Relic 8000 H5
Necromancy skill +10%
Dragon Teeth Necklace Dragon Teeth Necklace Neck Major 14000 H5
Adds +3 to hero's Spellpower and increases initiative of all casters in hero's army by 10%
Evercold Icicle Evercold Icicle Neck Minor 5000 H5
Enhances your cold-based spells by 50%.
Necklace of Victory Necklace of Victory Neck Major 16000 H5
Adds +2 to hero's attack and Spellpower.
Necklace of the Bloody Claw Necklace of the Bloody Claw Neck Minor 3000 H5
Adds +1 damage to all creatures in hero's army.
Necklace of the Lion Necklace of the Lion Neck Minor 1500 H5
Increases morale by +1.
Pendant of Conflux Pendant of Conflux Neck Relic 15000 H5
Hero gains 1 mana point for every 2 mana points spent by enemy hero
Pendant of Mastery Pendant of Mastery Neck Relic 40000 H5
Grants hero a free level of his or her primary skill. This level is gained even if the hero's skill is on Expert level.
This information comes from the Heroes V release version (v1.5).

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