ToE HoF H5

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Name » Slot « Type Cost Source
Bag of Endless Gold Bag of Endless Gold Shoulders Major 10000 H5
Provides +1000 gold per day to your cause.
Cape of the Lion's Mane Cape of the Lion's Mane Shoulders Major 6000 H5
Increases morale by +2.
Cloak of Death's Shadow Cloak of Death's Shadow Shoulders Relic 24000 H5
Decreases morale and luck of enemy creatures by -2.
Cloak of Sylanna Cloak of Sylanna Shoulders Minor 5000 H5
Decreases damage from enemy earth spells by 50%
Dragon Wing Mantle Dragon Wing Mantle Shoulders Major 14000 H5
Adds +3 to hero's knowledge and increases initiative of all flying units in hero's army by 10%
Phoenix Feather Cape Phoenix Feather Cape Shoulders Minor 5000 H5
Enhances your fire-based spells by 50%.
Sack of Endless Gold Sack of Endless Gold Shoulders Minor 5000 H5
Provides your kingdom with 250 gold every day.
Sandro's Cloak Sandro's Cloak Shoulders Relic 25000 H5
Negates enemy Mind Affect immunity
Wings of the Angel Wings of the Angel Shoulders Relic 40000 H5
Grants hero the ability to fly over terrain.
This information comes from the Heroes V release version (v1.5).

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